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    11:01 PM, Sunday October 15th 2023

    I’ve got my 25 boxes, and I know there are still some issues with them , but I think it’s about the limit of my ability right now. I focused on the divergence issue you identified and think it has improved, but there are still a couple where it’s a bit of an issue (particularly 7 and 10). I reviewed the lessons on mark making and tried to separate the stages into the planning preparation and execution stages, I sometimes find it difficult to have them consistent. . I had the most difficulty with the weighted lines but tried not to go back and “correct” any mistakes. The Scylla stew video was particularly helpful for me in figuring out how to visualize where there rear edges meet.

    I also noticed in a couple cases where the front edge was drawn lighter than the rear one it creates a kind of optical illusion where the box appears inverted. Boxes 23 and 13 can look this way to me sometimes.

    Thanks again for your thoughtful review.

    11:07 PM, Friday September 29th 2023

    Thanks for taking the time to look at my submission and provide such thoughtful feedback. I did notice the issue you mentioned with the hatching but I wasn’t sure what was causing it to happen. Thats something I will look to be conscious of going forward.

    I’ll go back and review the materials in lesson 1 to make sure they’re fresh. I appreciate the reminders to slow down and taking more time. While I did try to keep that in mind this set of boxes it’s definitely something I need to keep working on .

    1:57 PM, Friday September 29th 2023

    Hi Tofu,

    I've done my extra 100 boxes and hopefully there is some improvement. I made an effort to increase the size of my boxes generally. My lines are still a little shaky but they're hopefully going a little bit more in the direction they're supposed too. I did notice that I still have a tendency for my lines to converge in pairs. I also have observed that the back edge line is oftentimes pretty divergent from the other lines in the set.

    I found your guide to be very helpfu and I look forward to your additional feedback!


    6:27 PM, Thursday September 21st 2023

    Thanks for the reply, very helpful and a lot to process!

    1:08 PM, Saturday September 16th 2023

    Thank you for the feedback and the helpful links!

    12:43 AM, Thursday August 24th 2023

    Hi Rob, Thank you very much for the detailed feedback - I'm looking forward to getting started on the 250 box challenge!

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