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    6:27 PM, Thursday September 21st 2023

    Thanks for the reply, very helpful and a lot to process!

    1:08 PM, Saturday September 16th 2023

    Thank you for the feedback and the helpful links!

    12:43 AM, Thursday August 24th 2023

    Hi Rob, Thank you very much for the detailed feedback - I'm looking forward to getting started on the 250 box challenge!

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Cottonwood Arts Sketchbooks

Cottonwood Arts Sketchbooks

These are my favourite sketchbooks, hands down. Move aside Moleskine, you overpriced gimmick. These sketchbooks are made by entertainment industry professionals down in Los Angeles, with concept artists in mind. They have a wide variety of sketchbooks, such as toned sketchbooks that let you work both towards light and towards dark values, as well as books where every second sheet is a semitransparent vellum.

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