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    3:23 PM, Monday January 3rd 2022

    Yes, I definitely got into my head too much doing these. Haha thank you for your reminder that this is only just an exercise, in addition to the rest of your wonderful feedback. I'll take a little time off before moving on to the wheel challenge so I can review the past exercises and warm ups.

    Cheers and hope your New Year got off to a great start!! :)

    11:40 AM, Saturday July 24th 2021

    Honestly I wasn't sure if my boxes or ellipses were coming out as intended so I did my best to take my time with it (but also not overthink it).

    Thank you for the feedback!

    9:06 AM, Thursday April 22nd 2021

    Awesome! It took longer than I thought it would but completing this lesson was well worth it. Hooves are definitely giving me a bit of a harder time but your explanation is clearing it up. Thanks again :)

    12:11 AM, Wednesday April 14th 2021

    Took my time drawing and used a whole page as you suggested. Still getting the hang of drawing heads though and wrapping additional forms. I was also more mindful of not altering my silhouettes. But as always, your feedback is appreciated!

    9:22 AM, Wednesday March 24th 2021

    I was more mindful of how additional masses sat on top of silhouette forms, also how they interact with other forms as well. Also I hope the legs look more like simple sausages, I think I get thrown off a bit looking at a reference and breaking down how legs and thigh area connect with each other.

    2:02 AM, Friday March 12th 2021

    Been meaning to reply back sooner....but things kinda got busy. Much appreciate your feedback! I reread your notes, I was aiming to be more mindful with my marks. I still feel that I'm not wrapping the form around the silhouttes correctly, or drawing the sausages for the legs as well.


    9:28 AM, Monday January 25th 2021

    Thank you for your time in giving me feedback! I'll practice on what you left here for a little bit before moving on. Honestly I don't know why I'm having a hard time with varying the degrees on the ellipses...but I guess just drawing those more will help out.

    Thanks again!

    10:00 PM, Wednesday December 30th 2020

    Thank you for your feedback! I'll put in some practice on the notes you gave before the next lesson Apologies for cropping the uploads. They were done on regular copy sized paper, however I cropped out the surroundings outside of the paper when I took a picture and uploaded it. But I'll leave it as it is next time.

    Have a Happy New Year!

    2:00 AM, Monday December 14th 2020

    Thank you for the review and feedback! I'll definitely use these exercises as warmup and improve on them. Haha texture is difficult for me now but I can see myself getting it with more practice.

    3:38 PM, Monday December 7th 2020

    Wow, thank you for all of this. It's such a detailed explanation. Yeah going into the exercise was pretty difficult as I felt like I needed to guess how intersecting forms interacted with one another, but your explanation and drawing is definitely helpful. Looking forward to your future submissions/work!

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