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    4:01 AM, Friday May 20th 2022

    It's Ok) Thanks a lot!

    9:06 PM, Thursday May 19th 2022

    Hello, STRAUSS! Thank you for spending your time on my work!

    For minor axis - I don't think it's trivial, I simply forgot) I try to follow instructions as close as I can. It's good that you mentioned this mistake.

    Correct funnels:

    I'll work on my accuracy and confidence.

    Thank you so much for your critique! It helps a lot!

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    9:54 AM, Thursday May 19th 2022

    I think having fun is the main issue here. So, of course, you can draw pixel art, if you like it. From what I see in your post, it doesn't look like some strict photo study. Exploring is actually a good thing too.Just ask yourself: do I want to improve by drawing it, or is it just to play and experiment?

    I hope it will help.

    • Sorry if my english is bad))*
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