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    9:26 AM, Sunday April 17th 2022
    2:53 PM, Sunday January 23rd 2022

    Cylinders in boxes, redone:

    Originally the entire challenge was done in 4-days, because of the excitement of moving on to lesson 6.

    And here is where it led me.

    As for the redone section. The cylinders inboxes are done from the shoulder this time. With some experimentation, I was able to fix the accuracy and the overshooting/undershooting on most marks by touching the page with my ring and pinky finger while executing the lines from the shoulder to prevent my entire arm from trembling while it's hovering over the page. However, as a price to keep them smooth and accurate, I need to apply a little bit more pressure to my fineliner than usual. Some of the lines still arc a bit. You might not notice them because they overlap with the marks for error checking done with a pencil.

    (I have a funny feeling that I won't repeat this mistake when you move me on to lesson 6.)

    1:47 PM, Friday October 23rd 2020
    12:50 PM, Tuesday October 20th 2020

    I posted lesson 1 on October 5th. It was 15 days ago. Also, I made a new post for the 250 box challenge like you said. I guess I'm waiting for critique now.

    12:05 PM, Tuesday October 20th 2020

    Can I continue to lesson 2?

    1:32 PM, Monday October 19th 2020

    The 250 Box Challenge is done. I Uploaded the images on a different website this time because Imgur didn't work.

    5:29 AM, Saturday October 10th 2020

    Hi again, I just began with the 250 box challenge, and I have a question. Is there a problem if the lines are crossing each other? In the picture, one of the boxes in the top right corner is left unfinished on purpose to see how it looks.

    4:41 PM, Tuesday October 6th 2020

    I did the rough perspective on paper, as you said. I only have one question. Do I have to do the 250 box challenge again? If yes, does it have to be on paper?

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