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    12:03 PM, Thursday June 9th 2022

    Hey Beckerito, I've finished the 15 cylinders in boxes that you requested, I hope the correction lines are all visible, the ink of a coloured pen was starting to finish. Here is the link:

    I added the correction for the minor axis. Somehow (I don't know why) I had previously thought that I had to abandon that correction method ( I must have misread the page).

    Anyhow about university, don't worry too much, I'm sure your experience will be different. Covid messed up mine big time, so even during graduation day, I had to stay at home due to covid restrictions (It felt a bit underwhelming ahah).

    I hope and wish you to have a fun and constructive experience in uni! be steadfast with exams and all good luck to you!

    11:16 AM, Tuesday March 22nd 2022
    11:23 AM, Thursday March 10th 2022

    Hey Wifu4Lifu, thanks for the very detailed critique, I'll try to draw these two other pages bearing in mind your advice, I think it will take quite sometime for me to bring in the revisions.

    Anyway thanks again for the help!

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    9:57 AM, Friday January 28th 2022

    Hello Kaneki

    I'll review your submission today.

    Before starting, you have switched pens through out the lesson, now I'd don't know what kind of blue pen that was, but you should stick to fineliner pens.

    Anyway onto the critique

    In general you did a splendid work!

    Arrows: they have a good flow, and are consistent in size. Well done in making them bigger as they get closer to the viewer's perspective!

    Organic forms: Good working in drawing simple shapes, the forms are also consistent in their size for the most part, although a few of them have a smaller "back/rear" end compared with the other ends. So next time try to consciously make them even in both sides.

    About the degrees of the ellipses you have also done well in general, although maybe try to accentuate this the next time you draw them.

    Good work in hooking the lines too!

    Texture: I'm very impressed by your texture exercises!

    In the analysis exercise you did particularly well in drawing the transition from dark to bright, I think it is most well done in the analysis of the wood, anyhow other than that you also focused on drawing cast shadows which came out very well!

    Good job!

    On the dissection part: good job in keeping the forms consistent, here you also improved by making the ends of both sides even in size! well done!

    Good job also for wrapping the texture around the forms and in breaking the silhouette!

    From intersections:

    Great job! the forms are well drawn, and intersect well with one another.

    Organic intersections:

    Good work! the forms are simple, and wrap well on each other, good job also with the cast shadow!

    Next Steps:

    As you have noticed It was more a confirmation that you did very well in your submission, I couldn't find any mistake really, but your work is solid, so sorry if maybe you didn't get any practical advice. Anyway I think you should continue to the next lesson!

    Well done indeed!

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    6:07 PM, Thursday January 27th 2022

    Hey H0zynt I'll review your lesson

    Before beginning with critiquing the exercises I'd like you to scan or post bigger photographs of your drawings, the last one you uploaded is perfect in that regard. The thing is that I'm having an hard time looking for mistakes, imgur doesn't let me zoom that much in most of your drawings, and putting them on paint lowers the resolution. So if you can, next time scan your drawings. (anyway this might be more of a me problem, but I felt like saying it)

    Arrows: Well done! the arrows get bigger as they come closer to the viewer and are also very fluid! Well done with the hatching!

    Leaves: like for the arrows, your leaves have a nice flow and are well constructed, the details at the edges are also well drawn, not zigzaging in a continuous flow but instead making more individual lines for each detail.

    Branches: well done in varying the ellipses degrees and also in constructing them with multiple strokes

    Plant construction

    In general you did splendidly.

    You are constructing well the forms and making them look 3D

    the construction of the stem of the carnivorous plant looks solid, as in the previous exercise the degrees of the ellipses change and the lines are also used correctly to draw the form, although near the end of the plant you redrew some of them. (you should leave your errors be in theory and not redraw the lines, but anyway the whole drawing is very well done)

    Honestly I wasn't so sure whether to critique your lesson or not, because I think you did basically everything well, so I don't think I have much to suggest you to improve.

    Anyway good work!

    Next Steps:

    Move to lesson 4

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    5:16 PM, Monday January 24th 2022

    Hello Stevsouas I'll review your submission

    Arrows: in general not too bad although it seems a bit rushed, you did well in drawing the arrows bigger as they get closer to the viewer. However it seems like you have to practice, the size consistency, I manly refer to the first page, and taking the big arrow on the left as an example, where one of the bends of the arrow is bigger than those that follow it.

    One other thing is that some of your arrows' edges don't overlap ( I've marked the point where I think they should overlap for you to see, take a look at uncomfortable explanation here:

    To fix the consistency problem you could draw the arrows in segments with the ghosting method, that way you can see if the size is consistent enough.

    Organic forms: good job with keeping the forms simple.

    In the counter curves you did well in trying to hook the curves, although you should ghost them a bit more before drawing them, because in two of them you either redrew the hook or the entire line (which you shouldn't do, even if you made a mistake). As for counter ellipses, you did fine, maybe though the shapes of a few of them are a bit dented and some ellipses could use some more ghosting.


    This part was extremely well made Imo, in particular the asphalt and crumpeld paper really came out well, the transition between the dark and the light is well done, good job!

    The dissections are also well drawn, wrapping the forms nicely and breaking the silhouette while also trying to draw the texture implicitly.

    About organic intersections

    well done, the forms seem to wrap well on one another, although the forms seem a bit rushed, with you correcting/ redrawing some lines of the forms.

    Next Steps:

    I'll mark it as complete. In the warm ups you do, you should focus on arrows for a while. good job

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    10:26 AM, Sunday January 23rd 2022

    Hello Etihw

    I'll review your submission

    Lines: in your superimposed lines the shorts and medium lines are well done, however you should focus a bit more on the longer ones, they arch a bit and are not as compact as the shorter ones.

    If you find it difficult to make them not to arch in different directions, try to counter it with consciously drawing in the opposite direction. (so if they arch up try to draw them a bit down)

    The lines of the ghosted lines exercise are well done, confident and flow well, however I think it is better to draw them in a more orderly manner a bit like you did in the superimposed lines , or like in uncomfortable's example :

    Ellipses: your ellipses have a good flow in general, however it looks like you need to them a lot more, I'm manly pointing to your second page of tables of ellipses: here there are some errors I'd like to point out:

    1) drawing your ellipses with more than two or three strokes,

    2) your ellipses go out from their "confinements" and invade other ellipses

    Now your first page of the exercise is much better done, however it seems to me you still need to ghost them a bit more.

    As for the ellipses in planes, you drew them well, however it still shows the need to ghost them more.

    About funnels I would have liked to see some more of them, remember that the minor axis (the line at the center) needs to cut the ellipses in half.

    Boxes: good work with the rough perspective, with practice your extension lines should start to be more precise in reaching the vanishing point, keep practicing!

    Also well done with the rotating boxes, I advise you however to keep also practicing it in your warm ups.

    There's one thing I'd like to point out however: you should apply line weight and shading the inner planes of the boxes to make them stand out better. like in the example :

    Next Steps:

    You did well in general, however I think you need to work a bit more with the ellipses.

    Please draw 1 other page of tables of Ellipses.

    Make sure to ghost them thoroughly and take as much time as you need.

    When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
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    11:02 PM, Friday January 21st 2022

    Hello Avinier I'll critique your work.

    First thing first, you missed or didn't upload the page of organic arrows.

    When you'll upload it I'll review it.

    As for the organic forms: some of them are quite bumpy, and there's also quite a lot of wobblyness both in the organic forms themselves as in the ellipses inside them, also a few of your ellipses are not aligned to the axis line/ not "cut" in half by the line, although your first page came out quite well in that aspect.

    You did a good job in sticking your ellipses inside the boundaries, and making them touch them!

    With the organic forms with counter curves you did a good job, most curves hook around the form nicely.

    As for the texture analyses I think you did a good work, especially with the form dissections.

    However there are somethings I'd like to point out: in the texture analysis the transition from black to dark is too stark.

    should be something like this:

    and then in the dissections I think you should break the silhouette a bit more.

    Anyhow one other thing I'd like to point out, is that the "sausage" forms in your dissections are vastly better than those in the organic forms, this applies also to the forms in the organic intersection, much less bumpy and more confident, Good improvement!

    As for organic intersection you did very well here, the forms seem to wrap around each other and feel overall solid to me.

    EDIT: it was one page of organic arrows not two, here below I wrote mistakenly to upload 2 pages of the exercise, you need just one. Sorry for the confusion!

    Next Steps:

    Upload the two pages of organic arrows

    and redraw 1 page of organic forms with counter ellipses.

    P.S (if you find difficult drawing the forms you could either ghost them a bit more, plot them with points or make them bigger as you did in the dissection exercise)

    When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
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    3:16 PM, Thursday January 20th 2022

    Hello Melchior, here's my critique

    Lines: you did a pretty good job, your lines are not wobbly , there's is a bit of fraying at the end of some of your super imposed lines, but with practice you should see less and less of that. Just one thing though, some of your longer lines seem to me to be a bit less "compact" in comparison to the short-medium lines you drew, next time you practice lines, try to focus on them .

    Ellipses: in general you did well here too, although I think you did much better in the ellipses in planes than in the table of ellipses, where I noticed that some of your ellipses are wobbling quite a bit. However you did well in drawing them all with just 2 or 3 strokes and making each ellipses touch with one another!

    except for one, funnels are also well done!

    as for the boxes: well done in rough perspective, most of the extension lines point to the vanishing point, good job!

    Nice work with the rotating boxes exercise, although you should try to accentuate the rotation of the boxes a bit more.

    Nice work!

    Next Steps:

    next, 250 boxes challenge!

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    4:50 PM, Thursday December 2nd 2021

    Hey SolonegociosSerios, thanks for the critique ^^) and sorry for the late reply, I first wanted to draw each redoes and submit them all at once, here they are:

    Legs are the parts which are harder for me to draw, and while I think I drew them better this time, I still find them hard to draw, mainly in bending them.

    I tried to make the insects as 3D looking as I could, and I think most of them feel a bit more 3D, the only insect that leaves me a bit dissatisfied is the treehopper, I thought to push myself with drawing a more complex insect but maybe it was a bit too much for me and it ended up a bit worse than the rest.

    Anyway, thanks again for your previous critique I look forward to your reply!

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