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    8:34 PM, Tuesday June 20th 2023

    Thank you very much :D

    But it was fine to make the texture analysis also again, It was a quick task and still helpfull.

    The form intersections on the other side, just grilled my brain again xD

    6:07 PM, Thursday June 1st 2023

    Just made the requested updates.

    9:46 PM, Monday May 8th 2023

    Hey, thank you very much! Due to the longer wait time I already started with the next level, but a bit slower, since I still hoped for some feedback.

    I just want to be sure on one point:

    "Do this for crumpled paper (third column with grading from darkest to lightest)", was my third column not okay? Since during the texture analysis I tried to go from dark to less dark. My result looked kinda similar to those of other people, thus I wonder why I should also redo the 3 column.

    The rest is so far clear for me.

    Just one correction.... I just confused the "form intersections" with "organic intersections" in my notes. The organic intersections were fine and I had a lot of fun with them. I had problem with the form intersection thus my comment should also make more sense.

    FYI: I will take the “Organic Arrows” as a regular exercise/warm up.

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    9:17 PM, Sunday October 30th 2022

    also here the link does not work ;)

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    9:16 PM, Sunday October 30th 2022

    The link does not work

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    8:56 PM, Sunday October 30th 2022


    first: congratulations on drawing the 250 boxes

    All in all your lines seems pretty confident, although there are some mistakes here and there. In most cases its just some overshooting, what isn’t such a problem. But I also saw some wobbly lines and some that bend. Keep that in mind when you go forward and concentrate on doing straight confident lines, while using your shoulder.

    I see a proper improvement of your line convergence after box 85+, that continues until the end.

    What is a bit sad is, that you barely draw boxes with strong foreshortening ( and very different scale (e.g. two very long and one very short axis, or two very shot axes and one very long). In my opinion such boxes help to get a better understanding of the line convergence and how lines interact. I would recommend drawing one, maybe 2 of such boxes as a warm up when you go forward with lesson 2.

    All in all seems pretty decent. So have fun with the next lesson :D

    Next Steps:

    Hit lesson 2 :D

    Maybe add some very different boxes with strong foreshortening to your warm up when go forward.

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    1:58 PM, Saturday October 8th 2022

    Thank you!

    I will check if I will add from time to time a warm up, were I train the straight, confident lines beside of the normal lessons.

    I think some of the very woobly lines were created when I tried to make the lines thicker, as required by the task (Line weight)... I often painted over an existing line several times to get the line weight... resulting in more messy and woobly lines

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