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    1:09 PM, Friday April 8th 2022

    Thank you for the clear and detailed critique TrollFromHell!!! I really appreciate it!

    I tried to tackle the inner corner issue using the method you provided. It helped a bit but I need to practice it more.

    Here are the 30 more boxes:

    For the first pages, I tried to go the other extreme and put the VP really far off the page, then gradually come closer to the edges of the boxes.

    I was messing up a lot but kind of got the hang of it towards the end.

    Thanks again!!!

    10:50 AM, Friday April 8th 2022

    Thank you for the detailed review Mohobolobo. You clarified the organic perspective exercise, which has been messing with my brain.

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    10:45 AM, Friday April 8th 2022

    Beckerito summed it up really well and to be honest, as a noob, I can't really add much to it.

    -Of the few things I can recommend, I would advise you to use Felt-Tip pens (I use "uni pin Fine Liner 0.5" pens). You will NEED them in Lesson 2.

    -I can also see that you have the basic grasp of visualizing boxes in 3D space and putting them on paper, which is the most important take away from this challange in my opinion. Accuracy comes with refinement and practice, which you will get enough of down the road.

    -Also, you varied your boxes' orientation very little, which Beckerito also picked up on and suggested you draw 30 more boxes, in different orientations.

    Once again, Beckerito's fantastic critique pointed out the most important points to improve on when it comes to Linework and Box Construction.

    Next Steps:

    Move on to Lesson 2.

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