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    3:14 AM, Wednesday April 3rd 2024

    Wonderful colors, especially the park!

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    3:42 AM, Sunday March 31st 2024

    I love it!

    4:49 AM, Saturday March 30th 2024

    Thanks! It looks like I am probably using too much pressure. If anyone else has this problem, I found that I can get some more life out of my pen by wearing down the tip a little on the edges to reshape the tip.

    4:44 AM, Saturday March 30th 2024

    I'll look into the refillable technical pens. Thanks for the suggestion!

    2:42 PM, Friday March 29th 2024

    Hey, thanks!

    4:33 PM, Thursday March 28th 2024


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    9:55 PM, Sunday March 17th 2024

    DrawABox newbie here. I've taken a few college art classes and felt like things never really clicked until I started DrawABox. I'm working through the last section of homework in Lesson 1, too.

    I understand how you are feeling because I'm going through the same thing here. Having a specific task to do feels like I am accomplishing something. I'm at the point where I must force myself to do the 50% drawings. But the other day, I saw something extremely important: I am improving. And I am sure that if you are paying attention to what you are doing, you are too!

    We can practice lines and boxes all day and not realize that these things translate to usable skills in our non-exercise drawings. My line quality and spatial reasoning have noticeably improved since I started. And the crazy part is that I wouldn't have noticed without the 50% drawings. Shape has started to become form. For me, it was cartoon eyes and mouths that suddenly started to make sense in 3D.

    But did improving skills make it any easier for me to do those 50% drawings? To be honest... no. Or, at least, not yet. I am excited to see what has improved. But at the same time, I am nervous that it was a fluke, and this next set of drawings will prove that. But, if we stick with it and put in the time, I am certain that we will continue to see improvement and start to look forward to drawing for fun.

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Sakura Pigma Microns

Sakura Pigma Microns

A lot of my students use these. The last time I used them was when I was in high school, and at the time I felt that they dried out pretty quickly, though I may have simply been mishandling them. As with all pens, make sure you're capping them when they're not in use, and try not to apply too much pressure. You really only need to be touching the page, not mashing your pen into it.

In terms of line weight, the sizes are pretty weird. 08 corresponds to 0.5mm, which is what I recommend for the drawabox lessons, whereas 05 corresponds to 0.45mm, which is pretty close and can also be used.

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