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    7:20 PM, Monday August 7th 2023

    I dont think so. When Reddit was connected you could search, but drawbox doesn't have this kind of feature.

    8:26 PM, Monday July 17th 2023

    Here is the link to 4 additional animal constructions I did. I think this shows some improvement when adding additional forms. Let me know if you need anything else.


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    12:18 AM, Thursday July 13th 2023

    I've taken a look at your lesson 1. The only things that I could see you could work on is your usage of line weight. Especially in the rotating boxes exercise its very hard to parse specific boxes because all your lines are the same line weight. I would urge you to focus on this when you tackle the box challenge. Anyways congrats and good luck on the 250 box challenge!

    Next Steps:

    250 box challenge

    Do the ghosted planes exercise as one of 3 other warmups every day.

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    6:26 PM, Thursday June 1st 2023

    I attempted the organic intersections again


    4:42 PM, Wednesday April 19th 2023

    For the organic intersection shadows in you were wondering about, the shadows in red are from the sausage form on the top. The gaps in the shadows in blue are there because those forms are not resting on the ground but on other sausage forms and since i only have two values to work with (brush pen or no brush pen) it looks like a gap in the shadow. Hopefully that clears that up.

    2:47 PM, Monday February 27th 2023

    hey I'm having difficulty trying to transition shadows from form to form. Any time I do it, it always looks incorrect. Here's an example of what I mean:


    any general rules or ways to think about this that can help with transitioning the shadow from different forms?

    4:39 PM, Thursday February 2nd 2023


    I'm trying to do the construction of this image of a horse and its legs are telling me straight cylinders, but I know I'm suppose to use sausages to draw the legs. I the case of leg being super straight (as it is in this image) is it okay to use cylinders or should I use only sausage forms?

    2:37 PM, Monday January 30th 2023

    I have a question related to this:

    Second- your use of the sausage method for leg construction is entirely inconsistent. I have asked you twice before to remember to use a contour curve for the intersection between sausage forms to reinforce the joints. I've marked on your work exactly what I'm asking for. Twice. And you're still leaving them out more often than you include them. These little contour curves might seem insignificant but they do tell the viewer a lot of information about how the forms are orientated in space as well as reinforcing the structure of your legs bu establishing how the forms connect together. So try to remember to include them in future. The size, proportion, orientation and placement of your leg sausages often deviates significantly from what is present in your reference material, which is a sign that you need to take more time to observe, plan, and ghost each form before you draw it.

    what exactly is that contour curve meant to represent? Is it the hinge of the joint? Where the two forms intersect? The area where the two portions of the leg open? I've tried looking at the insect and animal chapters as well as previous criticism but am unable to find an answer.

    Any ideas?


    11:12 PM, Wednesday December 21st 2022

    Hey Burry,

    I'm seeing improvement between this page and the last. I wanted to point out to you a really good line that you ghosted (the blue arrow).


    This is exactly what you should be aiming for every time you draw a line.

    • Smooth and no hesitation

    • accurate on one side, but misses the point on the other side (accuracy improves with time)

    On the other hand there are some cases where you miss you points on both sides (arrows in red)

    Remember you can control you starting point. Its simply where you place you pen. Get in the habit of taking note where you place your pen before you execute.

    I'm going to mark you as complete, but I would still like you to practice your lines during you warmups.

    Good luck in the 250 box challenge,


    Next Steps:

    During warmups focus on ghosting and plane ghosting exercises .

    Continue on to the 250 box challenge

    This community member feels the lesson should be marked as complete. In order for the student to receive their completion badge, this critique will need 2 agreements from other members of the community.
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    11:53 PM, Tuesday December 20th 2022

    hello I agree with everything Pointveteran has already mentioned. Let me try to give you some advice on how to improve:


    Issue: Lines being frayed on both sides

    How to correct this: after you are finished with your ghosting make an intensional effort to pay attention to where your placing your pen, then execute your line.

    Issue: wobbly lines/ellipses.

    How to correct this: Make sure your drawing with your shoulder and not your arm/wrist. Before I execute a line/ellipse I always think "Okay, I am going to use my shoulder to draw this line/ellipse" Its almost become a montra at this point for me XD maybe it can help you.

    Rotated Box Exercise

    Issue: Its hard to tell but I think you miss counted the number of boxes on each side. In the middle section I'm counting 4 to the right and 3 to the left. Also your missing boxes in the top left and the bottom right quadrants.

    How to correct this: Take a look at Uncomfortable's example https://drawabox.com/lesson/1/17/example make sure you have the proper number of boxes.

    I would like you to do 1 page of the ghosted planes exercise again.

    post in in this thread and I'll mark your lesson as complete.

    Next Steps:

    I would like you to do 1 page of the ghosted planes exercise again.

    When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
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