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    10:29 PM, Saturday February 24th 2024

    Brilliant, thanks for the feedback, feels great to pass this lesson.

    7:36 PM, Saturday February 3rd 2024

    Thank you for your critique.

    12:46 PM, Tuesday June 27th 2023

    Yes I asked for you as the reviewer partly because you looked at my previous submission

    But also because i'd looked though some of your previous critiques of other students and it helped me understand the textures exercise comparing the ones you'd marked as needing work vs the ones who had completed it correctly.

    Thanks for looking at my work again, I feel a lot better moving forward after this second attempt so i'll move onto lesson 3.

    Thanks Tofu

    9:49 PM, Friday March 24th 2023

    Excellent, thanks for your time Tofu.

    11:02 PM, Monday February 20th 2023

    That's great, thanks for the feedback.

    8:08 PM, Monday February 20th 2023

    Sorry about that, should have checked it.

    Here's a link to the full post

    6:59 PM, Monday August 22nd 2022

    OK thanks for looking over my work. I have completed your revisions and have posted them to Imgur at this link

    7:23 PM, Sunday June 26th 2022

    OK, thanks for the critique. I know you're all away currently but i'll leave this repsonse here, if you could reply when you get back I would really appreciate it. Making the transition from basic exercises to constructions is something i'm struggling with.

    So to summarise here, so I don't end up repeating my mistakes, you're saying:

    1. My line thickness is inconsistent, scratchy and not applied in the correct spots. I need to be using the same pen to create subtle changes on partial areas of the line where there's an overlap to indicate line dominance.

    2. Outline cast shadows with fineliner first, fill in with brush pen if needed.

    3. Add to previous levels of construction, don't redraw the whole thing again.

    I agree that my branches are not that great, I seem to really struggle connecting the lines into a smooth curve, i'm always nervous about slowing down as I don't want to lose the fluidity.

    I'd like to get your thoughts on at least a couple of my constructions which are very different from each other. They're on pages 4 and 5 of my constructions. I've labelled them Potted plant and Pitcher plant. The reason I pick those is because they're very different from each other as the potted plant is further along the construction process whereas the Pitcher plant is more basic construction.

    Are either of these going in the direction you're suggesting? Especially with the Pitcher plant as it is the more stripped down basic construction.

    In addition, I know that you say it's not "dynamic Sketching" but at the start of lesson 3 it does say "This marks the beginning of the 'Dynamic Sketching' curriculum." Which you might want to edit to avoid confusion.


    9:22 PM, Tuesday May 24th 2022

    Excellent, thanks for your feedback.

    I've completed another 25 boxes which you can find here

    I've really tried to concentrate on ghosting the lines and creating fluid marks, both in construction and with the hatching.

    I find converging the lines tough, it feels like the slightest mistake compounds into a large divergence when drawing the VP lines. I'm hoping this lessens over time.

    Let me know what you think.

    5:09 PM, Saturday May 7th 2022

    OK great, thanks for your help and feedback!

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