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    3:23 AM, Tuesday October 19th 2021

    The organic forms don't wrap around enough making them feel like just lines running across the form. The texture is very well done, I don't really know how to critique it because I haven't grasped it as well as you did there. I would say you're main priority is more confident lines because all the exercises have some wobbly line work. I would suggest doing the 1 page of the organic forms using more curved lines and 1 page of the form intersections. Try and really focus on the line work even if the lines are over or undershot.

    Next Steps:

    1 page of organic forms with lines

    1 page of form intersections

    When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
    12:16 AM, Monday October 11th 2021 Thanks for the critique! I did two pages because I realized the first redo was basically what you told me NOT to do. I made the second one bigger and tried to clean up the line work a bit more that time. Feel free to make me redo it if I'm still quite not getting it.

    11:38 PM, Sunday September 19th 2021

    I did put the 250 box challenge up for critique, but I never got a critique and I didn't have a credit to submit it at the time. I guess I missed the part where that was mandatory (I got a bad habit of skimming through the reading sometimes.) I'll hold off on the lessons because even I felt like I was going through them too fast and absorbing too much at the same time. I think I responded better this time with the concepts I was lacking. If not don't hold back. Thank you for pointing out my other lessons, it reminded me that I still have to practice the techniques from the previous lessons to do better on the next lesson.

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    11:06 PM, Saturday August 21st 2021

    Your lines are pretty clean throughout the whole challenge so props to that, but I think your main problem is heavy distortion/ foreshortening on some of the boxes. Try and be more careful and makes sure you want your parallel lines to converge off the page.

    2:54 PM, Tuesday August 17th 2021

    Glad I could help.

    Yeah, I had the same problem with adding line weight to my boxes, many many offshoots.

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    11:00 PM, Sunday August 15th 2021

    you got kind of sloppy with the line work at the end, but the vanishing points got more consistent at the end also. I think your downward parallel lines were your biggest problem although they did get much better at the end.

    10:59 PM, Saturday August 7th 2021

    Still having problems with ellipses, but I tried to be more confident.

    the organic perspective has some plotted points, just not in the first large ones.

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