Hi, good work on not giving up after losing the pages!

I myself am just a beginner and have not yet had my first submission reviewed, so take my feedback with some caution.

I have very little comments on the first few exercises up to the plotted perspective exercise. It seems that you understood the instructions and followed them well!

For the Rough Perspective exercise I can't help to feel that the lines somehow seem a bit rushed. The lines are a bit sloppy and there are a few times where neither the end nor the start of the line match with a corner of a box. So comparing this to the Superimposed Lines exercise this would be like fraying on both sides. Other than that I think you handled the exercise well.

For the rotated boxes (which is one of the most difficult exercises in this lesson by far) I feel like your submission did not capture the essence of this homework. From what I can see, your rotation is not really consistent and sometimes is more "converging towards the same vanishing points" to quote the official critique guide, although this is certainly not the case for every box.

I think one of the problems is also that you have pretty large gaps between the boxes, which makes it more difficult to align your boxes. Especially in the corners it seems that you are not using neighbouring boxes as guidance.

I would advise you to try again with this exercise!

The Organic Perspective is mostly fine, although the boxes which do not lay on the line are a bit confusing (perspective wise).

One thing I notice is that for a given box, sometimes one set of three parallel lines does not point towards the same interaction point. So if you extended the lines like you did in the Rough Perspective exercise, they would not meet up closely.

But I guess this is something you'll redo in the 250 box challenge so I don't think there is need to redo this exercise.

Overall I would say you did a good job following the instructions. Only the Rotated Boxes exercise shows considerable room for improvement!

Best of wishes!