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    8:04 AM, Tuesday September 28th 2021

    Hey Tofu!

    Thanks so much for marking this for me, it sure was a lot of work and great to get some feedback.

    Definitely struggled more with convergences than I expected so I'll keep at that.

    Thanks again!

    9:22 AM, Thursday September 16th 2021

    Heya, welcome to the crunch!

    Just building on what scoobs said, every variation the Y generator makes is capable of becoming an accurate representation of a rectilinear box.

    When you are drawing the Y, you are drawing the corner that is closest to the viewer. That means that the angles in most circumstances must be greater than 90 degrees (because when a box is face on, it becomes a square and all corners are 90 degrees) and less than 180 degrees (because if the angle is greater than 180 degrees then one face has been pushed out of the viewers line of sight and it is no longer the internal corner closest to the viewer). This rule only breaks down with extreme foreshortening and only applies to the internal corner closest to the viewer.

    It really helps to grab anything box shaped and spend a while just turning it around in your hands, point one corner directly at your eye so the 'Y' is equidistant (which is 120 degrees for each arm) and just slowly and subtly manipulate the position of the corner to watch how the angles change.

    I also didn't use the generator, I think it's more useful at this stage to create them in your mind than to copy but thats just an opinion.

    1:28 AM, Friday September 10th 2021

    Thanks! Definitely pacing myself, it's taken me like 3 weeks to get to 150 boxes!

    1:26 AM, Friday September 10th 2021

    Oh! Absolutely! Mistakes are the best!

    I'm happy to throw mistakes everywhere but then knowing what to do with those mistakes can be a tricky judgement call sometimes.

    Thanks for your reply, glad I asked midway instead of getting to the end and finding out I'd been approaching the whole thing the wrong way!

    1:15 AM, Friday September 10th 2021

    Cool, thanks! I will adjust my approach for the last 100 boxes.

    5:46 AM, Thursday September 9th 2021

    Oh! I don't mean redrawing the line! I know that ones a big no no.

    I mean should the line I know is wrong dictate where the subsequent lines meet or should I ignore the line I know is wrong when it comes to trying to correctly place the subsequent lines.

    So either force 3 lines to meet in a corner or try to draw the next 2 lines connecting in a corner with the original first line floating unconnected or crossing one of the other lines further up.

    5:40 AM, Thursday September 9th 2021

    Hey comfy, thanks for the reply.

    I realised my post was a little ambiguous.

    I don't mean redrawing the line (I know that one is a big nono), I mean leaving the line I know to be wrong but ignoring it's placement while trying to make the lines that it should connect to more correct or just connecting the new lines to the line I know is incorrect compounding the boxes problems.

    Sounds like you're saying just connect the lines to the line I know to be incorrect and move on, have I interpreted you correctly?

    6:53 AM, Wednesday July 28th 2021

    Thanks Benj!

    Great feedback, definitely caught myself a few times leading more with my elbow than the shoulder so I'll keep working at that.

    Onwards to the 250 box challenge!

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