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    4:56 PM, Sunday March 19th 2023

    Although I don't really have any images or any pieces to really show you any comparison, I do agree with all the points made by fellow comments here, along with the fact that I do think that DrawABox not only exercises your spatial reasoning & construction skills, but also helps this methodology bleed into your own. Going about and studying representational drawing is, atleast in opinion, FAR easier to do when the methods taught here at DrawABox are applied.

    1:43 AM, Sunday June 26th 2022

    Thank you too for the reply

    9:00 PM, Tuesday June 21st 2022

    Ah ok, thank you so much for the reply

    9:06 PM, Sunday August 22nd 2021

    Thanks, I'll begin with the 250 boxes!

    10:45 PM, Friday August 20th 2021

    Ok, heres the work https://imgur.com/a/hHJAlXA

    8:31 PM, Thursday August 19th 2021

    Thanks for the critique! I'll get to doing the rough and organic perspective right now

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