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    4:02 PM, Monday September 26th 2022

    You should follow the instructions to the letter.

    For example, some exercises explicitly state not to use too many contour lines because it's trying to focus on other means of making 3d forms believable.

    If you don't feel ready for a particular exercise, you can probably do it anyway. These are kind of 'deep end' lessons where you aren't expected to understand everything right away, only though practice.

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    3:49 PM, Monday September 26th 2022

    If it's a personal project, chicken scratch all you want, that's the point of the 50% rule :). The idea is that if you commit yourself to the drawabox lessons, you'll gain a more instinctual understanding of it's principles. When you go back to drawing for fun, those principles will slowly unwillingly present themselves in your drawing. I used to draw from the wrist all the time. Now I instinctually draw from the shoulder more, without consciously trying to because it's simply cleaner and more accurate (for larger subjects).

    I think it's good that you leave mistakes as they are. It's a more accurate representation of your skill level, which is important for other critiquers to point out.

    3:36 PM, Monday September 26th 2022

    Hey I don't think that has to be deleted. Even if OP won't follow it word for word, I think there's still value listening to what you are personally doing

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    3:29 PM, Monday September 26th 2022

    I don't think redoing the lessons and challenges will be necessary, but certainly make sure to read the material again, and again after long periods of time. If you like, maybe just do the warmups until you've, well, warmed up enough that you feel comfy enough to continue the lessons where you left off. But not too comfy, drawabox is all about doing the uncomfortable things you aren't ready for yet, then refining your work with practice. AND REMEMBER THE 50% RULE.

    5:37 PM, Thursday September 15th 2022

    Lesson 5 Revisions 2

    1:18 AM, Wednesday August 10th 2022

    Lesson 5 Revisions

    I have been wanting to try to both submit homework to unoffical critiques as well as rating some critiques myself. That being said, I am afraid that if I critique others, I may give some advice that isn't actually helpful, or even give harmful advice. Do you have anything to say to that?

    Thank you

    10:23 PM, Saturday June 25th 2022

    Do drawabox exercises and warmups translate well to digital? I'm still doing my work on paper, but I was wondering if there was value in practicing for digital as well.

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    7:52 PM, Friday June 24th 2022

    Has a nice comfy vibe, even if it wasn't necessarily intended

    12:43 AM, Wednesday June 1st 2022

    Ok, thank you

    10:05 PM, Tuesday May 31st 2022


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