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    2:11 PM, Wednesday January 13th 2021

    I was drawing boxes with parallel lines on purpose. I didn't get the real intention of the exercise on the time I started the challenge, now I see I was doing it wrong, looks like I should start it all over again.

    2:03 PM, Wednesday January 13th 2021

    Thank you. Looks like I have to start all over again...

    11:15 PM, Thursday August 13th 2020

    Maybe you're right. Thank you very much!

    3:42 PM, Tuesday July 21st 2020

    I do put points first, but I feel like I have to choose between hitting a straight line into these points or using my shoulder. I feel like I can't do both when I try to be accurate.

    3:37 PM, Tuesday July 21st 2020

    I should had mentioned it earlier. Thank you very much.

    11:14 PM, Monday July 20th 2020

    So it is normal to feel pain? Because it's painful to me when I try to use my shoulder and I feel like I have to choose between using my shoulder or drawing straight lines.

    11:11 PM, Monday July 20th 2020

    When I put my elbow on the table I see that I don't use the shoulder so I try not doing it.

    12:02 PM, Monday June 29th 2020

    Thank you very much!

    I will strive to improve with your advices.

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