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    3:09 PM, Saturday August 13th 2022

    Ok thanks so much for the advice and taking the time to see my drawing .

    1:48 PM, Tuesday August 9th 2022

    Thanks so much Purpel

    9:56 AM, Monday August 8th 2022

    Thanks so much , I will follow your advice. I have always problem with the ellipses and the minor axis if you have any suggestion or exercise that was useful to you personally please tell me. Thanks again.

    2:37 PM, Saturday May 21st 2022

    Thanks so much for the review, i will focus more on the degree of the ellipses .

    5:29 PM, Friday April 1st 2022

    Ty so much for having time to critique my drawing, fore the ghosted line/plane i really struggle to finish the line to the end point, the tecnique suggested in lesson 1 work but i have trouble using it, i think more i do and really put time on theme should resolve right??(or so i hope). I will do more work on ellipses. Again ty lily for spend your time for me, you really helped me hope you hav a good day :))) (sorry if did some error im not native english speaker)

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