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    7:19 AM, Friday July 28th 2023

    Yes I feel like I understand what you said.

    It made me to believe more in the opinion I earlier gave to OP in same thread

    I feel that structure and form are related to each other.

    If you identify the forms present within or the forms the subject is made from, proportion, planes , the structure of that subject is established.

    Like in spider case , I know that the cephalothorax is made from sphere and ellipses and not from some some prison or cylinder. After analysing , you find that the legs are attached to the thorax and not to the head or the back and these legs kinda flow into each other.

    All these will be kept in mind while I draw the spider and add details to the head as if it was rounded not some Flat , 2d sh*t .

    All these helped me to define the structure of the subject.

    Many of the times I draw the drawings using boxes mainly which help to give idea which planes are where thus defining structure .

    Please correct me if I am wrong because I don't want to continue my art journey with something completely wrong I my mind.

    If you like, you can also see the opinion I gave earlier in the same thread !!

    Thanks for replaying earlier !!

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    1:06 PM, Thursday July 27th 2023

    Great !! You won't believe how much this will help you in your further lessons!!

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    7:13 AM, Thursday July 27th 2023

    I think what helped in much to avoid symbol drawing is that I use "boxes"for most the drawing I ever it without any reference ( which is quite rare as I don't really want any kind of guess work in my drawing so I use reference generally)

    Boxes , at their most basic, are the simplest representation of the 3d space.

    Unlike spheres, which can be confused with flat 2d circles on the flat page, boxes can't be confused with it since they have z axis for depth (perspective) and drawings which have perspective (even a little) can't be a symbol drawing in my opinion

    Because in perspective ,more of something is less of other

    Lines converge when you see more of one side and less of other , thus forcing to thing in 3d as to how the other side will look.

    I don't if what I said can be considered a solution to symbol drawing but I feel where there is form , there is 3d space.

    If I said something wrong ,PLEASE CORRECT ME!!!!

    6:59 AM, Thursday July 27th 2023

    Yup, What you said is true in the theory. The major problem comes in under the understanding of the form of the particular subject that causes our brain to just wing it off

    If you don't mind , can you provide some exercises to reinforce the process of clearly understand the structure present below the reference. Because even though i have reached far into the drawabox lessons (I am currently at lesson 7) ,I still think that I draw the references "just as they are" and not clearly understanding the subject at all

    Much better if you can point out some methods and techniques that drawabox teaches that comes under the topic of understanding the below structure of the subject , so that I can focus on them in my warm up or just know that how a process of drawing a subject is conducted (like what are thoughts that go when we want to understand and how a subject sits in "3d" space, tbh I don't really know the meaning of "Sit in 3d space")

    Much APPRECIATED !!!

    8:08 AM, Wednesday June 28th 2023

    Hmm that was really helpful. There were things that were unknown to me. Even the advices like motivation and supplies really helped. Tbh radiocurriculum is something that I have followed from the very start. Lovelife is another one and now am seeking other free websites like drawabox which are NOT all say and no work!!

    Thanks man, really appreciated, and would also love others opinions

    1:28 PM, Saturday June 3rd 2023

    Thank you soo much, That really helped

    5:40 PM, Friday June 2nd 2023

    Hello Rabuuhs, sorry to disturb you again I am linking this question of mine I posted a while ago


    You can ignore those that ask how to subdivide or so since you have already pointed in your own post like most of them are our own judgement and we subdivide based on our own convenience and there is no full prove accuracy required

    (Correct me if I am wrong)

    I thought there is some material that I really wanted to know as I am doing vehicals now and answer some questions there can prove helpful. Since you are who have answered many of my questions I hope you can answer more !!

    Sorry for disturbing in advance!

    12:58 PM, Friday June 2nd 2023

    Thank you so much for your critique.

    Most of the time I face the problem when z axis of the box is way long. Lines at the end and the line which is behind always fall short. Many of the times it is hit and trail method for me.

    If you can see in my home work , all the boxes have extreme convergence and somehow meet at a close point but when I try shallow one it makes a mess lol!!

    TBH I draw all my axis line's convergence based on the initial Y shape of the box.(hit and trail!).

    Thank you

    6:11 AM, Saturday May 27th 2023

    Thanks man!!

    5:46 AM, Friday May 26th 2023

    Thank you so much for your valuable advice. So it doesn't really matter if I diverge from the original reference that much. At the end of the day all that really matters is that I have put thought in doing the orthographic planes and tried my best. If you don't mind can you recommend me some places where I can find more clear references.

    Things are going to get nasty of I ignored the construction to scale and go all out.

    Lord have mercy ????????

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