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    12:54 PM, Thursday March 23rd 2023

    Bots in drawabox? Now ai will itself learn how to draw lol!

    9:45 AM, Thursday March 23rd 2023

    What's a beep boop?

    2:48 AM, Wednesday March 22nd 2023

    Mmh, that might be the case!! Gotta check Thanks!!

    3:17 PM, Saturday March 18th 2023

    Thanks !!

    8:15 AM, Tuesday March 14th 2023

    Sorry!sorry! It took time more than I expected. Got so messed up in cylinder challenge that I forgor about it!


    I have also attached the umbrella plant reference.

    Along with it , the required homework. As it has time more than I expected, I continued to draw from your provided reference rather than doing my own study.

    I hope you will continue to critique this one and the following lessons!! If you see mistakes in this work, please fell free to tell me. Like the oak's top is more even and it's bottom has more straight cut rather than inward curve.

    I also tried to do some texture but felt that I was going a bit too far and crazy

    If there is a need to do some more or of other type of the work , I will try my best to complete it in the best time!!

    5:50 PM, Friday March 3rd 2023

    Thanks uncomfy!!

    9:42 AM, Sunday February 26th 2023

    Thank you soo much for your valuable critique,

    If I understand correctly, where you are giving your opinion on my doubts, every lessons which I learn (both inside and outside the drawabox) that are applicable to any drawing topic, will be of help in my real goal related to art, like if I learned a technique of drawing, say cars or plants, I might be able to apply those techniques in some way or other, where all other techniques might fall!!!

    I actually got shocked where I saw to do lesson 3 again lol!

    actually I have already moved on and started doing the cylinder challenge (since i uploaded this plant lesson a long time ago) , but I don't have any objection on drawing some leaves,

    I don't fully know what do you mean by "draw complex leaves" so it would be of great help if you could provide me some references and I can draw from it (NO HATE)

    Thanks for your time once again!!

    4:46 AM, Thursday February 23rd 2023

    Looks like I have to start a quest of finding the treasures during night using a flashlight lol!

    When I said that Main character punches the villian , I want to bring home the idea how villian sag and bends (due to the pain he felt,) downwards when an external force or mass disturbs it's initial stage like how the additional mass sags and wraps the underneath mass when dropped as if that mass below is punching it to bend and wrap it!

    (Looks like you don't watch much of a shonen mangas , do you?)

    And you don't misunderstand anything so rest assured! Thanks for reply

    9:04 AM, Wednesday February 22nd 2023

    Thank you soon much for your valuable critique! If you don't mind I hope you can answer some doubts of mine

    Like in first case where you responded that one light source coming from one direction should be considered, but when do ne so the shadows don't follow the curve of the mass underneath, or do they?

    I was also quite shocked and happy to see that you considered my animal exercise solid!! ( I was expecting some more errors besides paws to be there)

    When ever I drew the animal from reference I usually measured its proportion taking head as base, and when I tried to add some mass I think that both the additional mass and underneath one are bags full of wheat and will sag downwards,

    Just like when MC punches the villian, the way he bends forward something like that

    is it a good thinking or should I make adjustments.

    (And a quick note : completed my 150 cylinders only 100 left???? )

    Once again thank s for your response

    4:50 PM, Monday January 16th 2023

    Sorry for the inconvenience, I will keep that factor in mind from now on ????????

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