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    5:06 PM, Friday July 15th 2022

    Thank you so much, I'll keep trying and let you know if I'm still having problems.

    9:31 PM, Thursday July 14th 2022

    Yeah I have been drawing from my shoulder and rotating the page like you said. It might be because I'm drawing the boxes too small? I seem to find it easier when drawing them on a larger scale. Or maybe my desk isn't the correct distance away or something? I have no idea but I've reread the line drawing section and watched the tutorial multiple times and I'm doing everything it says to do but it still feels kind of random whether the line comes out straight or not. I'm not really sure what to do about it.

    5:30 PM, Wednesday July 13th 2022


    Hey, thanks once more for all the feedback. There must be something I'm still doing wrong because I can't seem to draw the lines straight at all. Even after carefully ghosting up to 20 times and drawing as quickly as I can it still comes out all wobbly. I found it a lot harder to get a straight line when placing the pen on the starting dot before drawing but I know this is important to not end up with two frayed ends. I'll keep practicing but it just feels a lot like I'm still missing something and like I'm getting worse although maybe this is all in my imagination.

    Thank you again

    10:12 PM, Thursday July 7th 2022
    4:39 PM, Monday July 4th 2022


    Thanks so much for all the feedback! I ended up doing 2 pages of rough perspective because I felt I hadn't improved much at all after just 1. A lot of the lines are still very wobbly but I think thats more to do with ghosting than plotting the points because I spent a long time planning them out. Also I did try my best to make the dots smaller like you said but a lot of the time I had to keep re-plotting them because they were slightly off so they ended up looking quite large again. It seems like there could have been some slight improvements overall since last time to me? I'm not fully sure though.

    Thanks again!

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