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    3:32 PM, Monday May 27th 2024

    Thank you!

    1 users agree
    11:02 AM, Monday May 27th 2024

    This question sometimes comes up in discord, and the consensus is that after a long break you should revise the material to make sure you remember everything correctly (memory can play tricks on us) and do longer warm ups.

    edit: This is Uncomfortable's post in discord on this matter.

    6:21 AM, Thursday March 28th 2024

    Or they could team up

    3:18 PM, Monday March 25th 2024

    Omg thank you, never expected you to comment my art!

    2:58 PM, Monday March 25th 2024

    Thank you very much! I think I was drawing my 200th box when the challenge was revised, it was a little bit too late to aplly the new rules but I watched all the new videos.

    1:08 PM, Tuesday February 13th 2024

    Hello! Thank you very much for your critique! Honestly, my motivation to draw hundreds of boxes improved so much when I saw it.

    As to arked lines: I'm afraid some of them are definitely somewhat curvy. I try to adress it every warm up though.

    Dramatic foreshortening is one of my weakest points for some unknown reason... I hope that hours and hours of drawing boxes will improve it. I think I'll focus solely on dramatic foreshortening on some days.

    Thank you again, you're doing a very important job giving critique to people!

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