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    8:02 PM, Saturday July 18th 2020

    Thanks so much!, can't wait to get going with lesson 6

    8:46 AM, Tuesday July 7th 2020

    I've finished the 150 non-boxed cylinders, i feel i really struggled with getting the tightness down in larger ellipses and alligning them to the minor axis. Sorry I scribbled some of the cylinders out, i just got really frustrated about them and how I didn't really take my time on them. Near the end I was still puting around 1 hour into 15 cylinders but I still felt they weren't getting good enough, I feel near 130-150 I rushed them as it was near the end of the 150. Are these ok?

    9:26 AM, Monday June 29th 2020

    I've tried to incorporate what you've said, im sorry I keep sending these updates I really just don't want to get to the end of it and then have to do 750 cylinders, i still feel i'm struggling a lot with aligning ellipses with larger degrees on the minor axes, and i've been ghosting the side lines, it also took 1 hour 9 minutes and I did a 15 minute warm up before starting:, thanks!

    8:49 PM, Sunday June 28th 2020

    Thanks for the help, for the side edges of the cylinders I have been applying the ghosting method but you said there were no signs of it, should I do start and end points on the sides and then do the line?

    11:50 AM, Sunday June 28th 2020

    Thanks for the critique, I've done some cylinders so far and was wondering if these are good so far and if theres anything that needs improving, i've also included a boot I did in my free time. I've been following the 50% rule as well as doing the cylinder challenge, although I do admit I started once I submitted my lesson 5 as I thought there wasn't much that could have been said about lesson 5 that could've helped with the challenge (I know you're not supposed to do that but I didn't really have anything else to do with my time) (I did 50 cylinders each day for 3 days for the non-boxed cylinders, I thought this was ok as each cylinder takes around 1 minute and an hour a day isn't so bad for cylinders, for boxes I then did 14 a day, which i didn't think was too much) As for the cylinders the reason I did most of them with equal sized ellipses on both sides is because in some of the images on the cylinder challenge logo and on the demo have equal sized ellipses as well (at least I think it looks like it, I understand It probably said somewhere to do it as you said, and I have read all the challenges materials but I probably forgot about it and when I got confused I probably looked back at the images to see what to do. For the boxes ellipes I don't know what happened, I was doing it like how I normally did ellipses outside of boxes but for some reason I think I got nervous and let them slip and become less tight I still was ghosting them and drawing them with my shoulder.

    10:16 AM, Tuesday June 16th 2020, I still feel I made many mistakes, but overall I feel as though they're improving, also the critique was on 13th june and im submitting this 16th of june, but I did one the 13th of June so it still was 1 a day. Thanks!

    3:38 PM, Monday May 18th 2020

    Thanks for the critique! Going through lesson 4 at the minute and was wondering on this demo,, are we allowed to use hatching (on point 3 of the demo) because after asking some people on the discord people said never use hatching.

    9:29 PM, Sunday May 3rd 2020

    Here are my 2 sausages Thanks!

    6:31 PM, Sunday May 3rd 2020

    Hello, thanks for the critique again, I wasn't intentionally rushing through the exercises (as I have loads of time on my hands) although admittedly I felt I was going too fast through one page. I spent the last 35 mins on these pages sorry if they still have the error, i've spent ages today trying to perfect them but still can't get it right. Thanks!

    EDIT: Sorry I've just looked at the next steps again and it said two more sausage forms, not two more pages. Sorry, i'll do those as well

    10:15 AM, Sunday May 3rd 2020

    Thank you for the critique! My corrections are here I feel like the organic intersections were much better although I struggled trying to curve the sausages around the other sausages sometimes. For the organic forms I tried to vary the degrees of the ellipses so that they appear to be moving away/towards a certain direction more, mostly by making them go from smaller to big ellipses when sliding down the form. I also ghosted the forms, ellipses and center lines. Thanks!

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