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    6:11 PM, Sunday March 10th 2024

    Thank you for the criticism I will work as best I can on the shadows and try to correct my mistakes

    10:45 AM, Wednesday November 8th 2023

    Thank you for giving me some of your time and patience

    12:53 PM, Tuesday November 7th 2023
    4:39 AM, Friday November 3rd 2023

    I'll send it back in case you haven't seen it.

    3:34 PM, Tuesday October 24th 2023
    3:16 PM, Thursday October 5th 2023

    Thank you for your answer. Everything is clear now

    9:23 AM, Tuesday October 3rd 2023

    Hello thank for your review

    I think the problem is that I rushed through this lesson. I also think that I incorrectly (not) applied what was told to do as you say in this review. I will review my method to apply what you and the lesson said for that not happen again.

    I have some questions on certain points that I don't understand.

    In this passage you say "draw around the small ellipses on the ends of the forms two full times before lifting your pen off the page" this means that I also have to apply it during contour curves? And these three paragraphs :

    -"The other points I wanted to make with the bird were to be sure to use the outer line of your (2D) ellipses to represent the edge of your (3D) ball forms."

    -"Each mass has its own, fully enclosed, complete silhouette, and where they overlap they do so in 3D space. Do not cut one mass off where it passes behind another mass as we see repeatedly along the top of the hybrid."

    -"We have to be mindful of how the marks we make are cuts along the curving surface of the cranial ball - working in individual strokes like this (rather than, say, drawing the eye socket with an ellipse) helps a lot in reinforcing this idea of engaging with a 3D structure."

    6:26 AM, Wednesday September 13th 2023

    Thank you for your review. I will apply your advice for the future

    8:56 AM, Tuesday August 22nd 2023

    I will continue to correct my errors and thank you for your criticism

    12:02 PM, Saturday August 19th 2023
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