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    2:29 PM, Monday September 7th 2020

    Hi Vega! Thank you so much for your feedback, I really appreciate how thorough and in turn how useful it is :) I completely agree with the points you've made, i'll be sure to redo the parts you've reccomended and be careful to fully understand the content moving forward.

    Thanks again for your time, Gem.

    11:55 AM, Monday August 3rd 2020

    Hi :) Yep that's what I was looking for, thanks! Good point regarding the warm ups and the 250 box challenge, although I do feel that once I've left it for even a day that the first few boxes arn't quite as good as I'd left off. So moving on with the last 50 I'm going to do a bit of practice before, but not go overboard. Thank you for your message, very helpful, it's always good to hear other people's opinions/practice :)


    10:36 PM, Saturday August 1st 2020

    Hi :) oh no, not you too! I totally get what you mean about "just get the stuff done" haha! It's good that you've identified this as a potential issue though, good luck on your DAB journey and thanks for the message :)


    10:32 PM, Saturday August 1st 2020

    Hi, thank you for the useful tips :) it's always good to see what others do. Totally with you on the ghosting!


    10:29 PM, Saturday August 1st 2020

    Hi, thanks for letting me know :)


    4:25 PM, Friday July 31st 2020

    ah, excellent! Thank you for the tips too :)


    12:04 AM, Friday July 31st 2020

    Ah brilliant! Thank you so much! Yes, I'll definitely reread lesson 0 - I'm sure it will be benificial :)


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