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    5:42 AM, Tuesday November 22nd 2022

    Thank you man! Appreciate the feedback :D I must say I thought that the wasp was my worst, but I am going to try to apply what I learned from it in the next lesson. Thanks again! Have a great day!

    7:04 AM, Saturday October 29th 2022

    Thanks man, appreciate the feedback! Also belated happy birthday! :D

    I'm currently working on my textures, which I must agree were exaggerated and I already got the hang of the branches exercise.

    Thanks again, and have a nice day!

    8:06 AM, Wednesday August 31st 2022

    Lots of love keep going strong man! :D

    8:52 AM, Monday August 29th 2022

    Thanks dude, appreciate the feedback :D I understood where I messed up a little, and I'm gonna improve in my warm-up exercises. Have a great day!

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    8:56 AM, Sunday August 28th 2022

    Heya man! You reviewed my 25 texture challenge yesterday for which I am very grateful, so I wanted to try and help you out too! :P After all, teaching is a great way to learn :D I also can empathize with you here, because this challenge was tough!

    I kinda noticed you used some scratchy lines in these textures, and I know it can be tough with a 0.5 fineliner pen, thats why I usually use a brush pen (which is so good especially when you are sketching!) or a bigger fineliner like a 1 or 2. I usually find that when I fill these textures more than I can with a 0.5 fineliner line it looks better, because I think this is more of a matter of how it looks, not how you applied your knowledge to this exercise. I think in that department you did great! Maybe you can try to outline the form of the cast shadows with the 0.5 fineliner and then go in with a thicker pen, which is usually what I do. :P

    Now, I ain't no professional, but I hope this might help you out, especially since you did great with the technical aspect of this challenge, so maybe refining it will make it look more "right" :D

    7:10 PM, Saturday August 27th 2022

    Awesome man, I am going to redo the textures tomorrow! Thanks for the feedback :D

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    6:41 AM, Tuesday August 16th 2022

    Amazing work Monte Cristo! :D Keep it up!

    7:52 AM, Saturday July 16th 2022

    I ain't no pro, but I finished lesson 1 as well and I can tell you that you are going on the right path! Just do what interests you in this artistic journey, utilize these exercises and you'll be set! Do what you love and love what you do :D

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    12:59 PM, Friday July 15th 2022

    Hi there Tastyart! First of all I wanted to say that I am very very VERY incompetent at giving much advice on this, but I wanted to drop by to tell you that when you finish a lesson, you should probably post it not in your sketchbook, but in the lessons and homework category. This way, others can mark your lesson as complete and maybe even request revisions.

    Now, from the quick glance I took at your pages, I can tell that you understand the concept of ghosting and are applying it pretty well!

    The Elipses in the Tables of Elipses Exercise overlap a little, but that's ok! You are not chasing perfection and you are going to have plenty of time to practice it in your warm-up sessions.

    The Ghosted Planes + Elipses look awesome and I appreciate your precision, the same can be said about the Funnels Exercise.

    The Perspective exercises don't look absolutely perfect, but I can see that you understood the concept and, once again, practicing being more confident and doing ghosted lines warm-ups will help you a ton! Sometimes I don't get these right either so don't worry :D

    In the Rotated Boxes you missed the little corner box, which is a pain to make, but you should try to do it, you got this!

    The Organic Perspective Exercise looks pretty nice! Maybe the foreground boxes could be a little bigger and also they don't necessarily need to appear in the predefined space, they could also go a little more off screen.

    Now, I think you did an awesome job, but please post this in the Homework category so that it can be marked as completed! Have a great day pal!

    6:21 AM, Friday July 15th 2022

    Thank you for sharing! I am currently interested in trying watercolor painting, more specifically in line and wash, and your technique sounds very, very awesome and I might give it a shot! I might try to just put blobs of paint, then going with ink over them to define the shapes as you said. My problem is that I start WAAAAY too many projects and ways of doing art, and my hope is that I will stick with this one :P

    Anyways, you do a great job to staying true to yourself and your style is very awesome and unique! Best of luck to you!

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