The Indomitable (Summer 2022)

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    6:41 AM, Tuesday August 16th 2022

    Amazing work Monte Cristo! :D Keep it up!

    7:52 AM, Saturday July 16th 2022

    I ain't no pro, but I finished lesson 1 as well and I can tell you that you are going on the right path! Just do what interests you in this artistic journey, utilize these exercises and you'll be set! Do what you love and love what you do :D

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    12:59 PM, Friday July 15th 2022

    Hi there Tastyart! First of all I wanted to say that I am very very VERY incompetent at giving much advice on this, but I wanted to drop by to tell you that when you finish a lesson, you should probably post it not in your sketchbook, but in the lessons and homework category. This way, others can mark your lesson as complete and maybe even request revisions.

    Now, from the quick glance I took at your pages, I can tell that you understand the concept of ghosting and are applying it pretty well!

    The Elipses in the Tables of Elipses Exercise overlap a little, but that's ok! You are not chasing perfection and you are going to have plenty of time to practice it in your warm-up sessions.

    The Ghosted Planes + Elipses look awesome and I appreciate your precision, the same can be said about the Funnels Exercise.

    The Perspective exercises don't look absolutely perfect, but I can see that you understood the concept and, once again, practicing being more confident and doing ghosted lines warm-ups will help you a ton! Sometimes I don't get these right either so don't worry :D

    In the Rotated Boxes you missed the little corner box, which is a pain to make, but you should try to do it, you got this!

    The Organic Perspective Exercise looks pretty nice! Maybe the foreground boxes could be a little bigger and also they don't necessarily need to appear in the predefined space, they could also go a little more off screen.

    Now, I think you did an awesome job, but please post this in the Homework category so that it can be marked as completed! Have a great day pal!

    6:21 AM, Friday July 15th 2022

    Thank you for sharing! I am currently interested in trying watercolor painting, more specifically in line and wash, and your technique sounds very, very awesome and I might give it a shot! I might try to just put blobs of paint, then going with ink over them to define the shapes as you said. My problem is that I start WAAAAY too many projects and ways of doing art, and my hope is that I will stick with this one :P

    Anyways, you do a great job to staying true to yourself and your style is very awesome and unique! Best of luck to you!

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    8:42 AM, Thursday July 14th 2022

    Heya, Fiddlewheelx! I just dropped by to check on some sketchbooks so I can feel inspired, and oh my God I love your style! I want to keep it short and to tell you to never change :D there is something unique about these sketchbook pages that I absolutely adore! And just like the second page says, you not only weren't special, but you still continue to be! Good luck and keep at it! ?^?^?

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    7:52 PM, Monday June 27th 2022

    Duuude we had the same idea LOL Glad to see that someone else had the same idea as I did :D

    Tho I must say this looks way nicer than my roughly sketched mannequins, good job!

    7:39 AM, Tuesday June 21st 2022

    Awesome! Good luck!

    8:38 PM, Saturday June 18th 2022

    Man I know line weight bugged me out too. I kinda cheated a little and used a ruler for like 25ish boxes, and then it came more naturally to me, so maybe try that :) Ain't no shame in using an easier route if you are going to get on the main road eventually.

    7:29 AM, Saturday June 18th 2022

    Oh no, I think you actually portrayed those guys like they were a menace pretty well, cause that's exactly what I thought, but I just forgot to mention it.

    To make characters look more like a threat, I usually look more in depth at the colors first. What I mean by this is to use colors that are secondary, such as purple or green. If you take a look at a lot of Disney movie villains, such as Queen Grimhilde, you can see the robe she is wearing is a purple color which makes her look darker and spookier. There is also a scene in The Lion King where Scar is engulfed in a green mist, which makes the whole atmosphere ominous.

    Now, colors aren't everything, you can also take a look at the atmosphere surrounding the character, like in the green mist scene I talked about earlier. Or you can make them hidden in a shadow or obstructed by an object, making the character look eerier and creepier.

    You should also take a look at the face expression of the villain, making them look dangerous with exaggerated frowning eyebrows or making them smile in a sinister way. Take a look at like any Disney antagonist and you'll see what I mean.

    Now, down here I'll post some links to various videos which I think will make you know more about storytelling and threatening characters in general:

    1. How to write villains;

    2. What makes a good villain;

    3. Color theory about antagonists;

    4. How to design a villain;

    5. How to draw a villain;

    6. How to draw and portray storytelling;

      But I think you did an amazing job regardless, and next time you should try to experiment more, like with the contrast part and don't be afraid of failing! You are gonna do awesome!

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    9:09 PM, Thursday June 16th 2022

    Man do I love everything about this piece!

    First of all, I love your state of mind! I congratulate you for sticking with the idea and finishing your first full piece! All drawings start up there, in your mind, you just gotta express them in the materialistic world and present your ideas to peeps, which sounds wayyy easier than it actually is! Being able to replicate what is in your mind is very awesome, it shows a certain type of creative intelligence! And believe me, it can be a real struggle, but your pulled through!

    The drawing itself is very pleasing to look at! The fire calms down the atmosphere and I love the little flame effect and the warmth it emanates. It is clearly the main focus of the scene. And that big jar hugging that baby jar is very cute :)

    I like the less detailed background characters, I presume it's to not take away from the focus and make the drawing too cluttered, while also adding a sense of depth. The background itself is very nice, love that forest btw!

    The shapes range from not being that complicated, say the jars themselves and the houses, to pretty complex, like the patterns on the jars. I also love the different textures you used for the taverns and the jar's hands, heck, even the grass looks nice.

    The lines are also used sparingly, but wisely. You only added them on necessary components and kind of blurred them in the background, which I love.

    The colors are brilliant and bold! Love the contrast of warm and cool colors. The red from the jars, the vibrant yellow bushes and the crackly brown wooden beams used in the inns are in a nice symphony with the bluish background forest and the green and alive grassy ground.

    One thing I would add more of are shadows for sure. These could go on the corner of the houses, around the jar characters, in the grass and this would just put the fire more into focus and make it mightier. Heck maybe even experiment with a night setting and do a color study on the drawing changing the time and feel of the drawing. If you are interested in color studies, here is a link!

    But JJAG, congrats! Love this to bits! Keep on creating amazing scenes and flourish in this creative department, you are doing amazing!

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