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    1:14 AM, Friday August 5th 2022

    If you can afford it I highly recommend getting the paid critique!

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    4:24 AM, Thursday May 13th 2021

    Do you have access to a tablet, or a drawing program such as procreate / photoshop? Because sometimes what helps me is taking an image of the animal and drawing over it on a seperate layer, and blocking in the pieces of the underlying anatomy (basically I trace over the image breaking it down into spheres and boxes that might make up it's construction). I hope that makes sense!

    --Also I find feline creatures to be super difficult to draw too, so good luck, you're not alone!

    4:17 AM, Thursday May 13th 2021


    So I went back over both critiques, and rewatched some demos to try again. I couldn't complete a drawing nor a pager of organic forms without mistakes. I started getting very in my own head about getting everything correct, and grinding on pages (which I realise isn't the point). Whilst I realise the pages I'm submitting contain errors, I'd rather get feedback to see if what I'm doing is actually improving and how far I am from understanding what's being taught.

    Thank you!

    8:31 AM, Thursday April 29th 2021


    After reading through your critique and the mentioned demos, I've tried my hand at the revisions. Please let me know how I've fared. Thanks so much!

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