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    7:19 PM, Saturday August 6th 2022

    And we want to see it! I love it! What was your inspiration?

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    7:39 AM, Tuesday August 2nd 2022

    Good job on Roach queen!

    12:29 PM, Friday July 29th 2022

    You get answered within (usually) 4 days, and you get specific criticism suited for you.

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    10:59 AM, Friday July 29th 2022

    Reminds me of when you play an old school game that is really hard; back in the NES era you would gradually get better, but then you reach a point where you suddenly are kinda rubbish, which is just before you get really good.

    I think it is you getting so used to ghosting lines that you are starting to subconsciously do it, which causes you to have a few hiccups. Work through the bad phase, or take a small break. Whichever seems best for you at the time.

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    10:56 AM, Friday July 29th 2022

    It's up to you honestly. By paying you are asking for feedback from people who has been through it and runs the show, while doing the free thing asks others to comment at their own pace, and might not be as nuanced as official feedback.

    I don't regret paying for it, but again this is for you to decide.

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    10:50 AM, Friday July 29th 2022

    These are really cute! Eevee has grown to be one of my favorites, and I find Sylveon to be a consistent member of my playthroughs.

    Can I suggest something? I see you prefer to draw these cute animal pokemon and such, what if you tried drawing a poke you don't like? It could be a useful exercise! Maybe as warm up?

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    2:39 PM, Tuesday July 26th 2022

    Don't remove the tree, work on it. It looks wonky when you start, that is always something that happens, amd if you look up any acrylic how to vid you can see how wonky the shapes are after the first application of paint.

    I think you should add some darker tones to it, play around with the tree, use watered down paints as acrylic is great as semi-gouche. Try also carefully misting the canvas with a water spray so you can work wet on wet. If you feel uncomfortable with mixing water in with your paint, try mixing pea sized amounts of paint with just a wet mixing brush (aka a brush you don't worry about).

    2:33 PM, Tuesday July 26th 2022

    Thanks, my skill only comes from one thing; practice. Exactly what comfy says and any other teacher would tell you.

    6:11 PM, Monday July 25th 2022

    I have had accidents yes, but the issue is when I am fully committing to the lines theres still sort of just disappearing.

    9:42 AM, Thursday July 14th 2022

    Dude, thanks man!

    I always had my own way of doing stuff, so this sort of comment is more than welcome!

    If you want, I have a technique for warm up/practice which I like to do; use a thin brush pen and start drawing nice looking lines on paper, then look for shapes that look like the beginning of a specific thing (like a face, hand, arm, leg etc), then draw lines to make those shapes more obvious. Now keep doing this while also turning the paper around while looking for new things to draw. For an added challenge try not crossing any of the lines to keep it kinda abstract. Maybe this helps inspiring you?

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