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    4:11 PM, Wednesday May 5th 2021

    My english is bad. Hope the translator translates correctly.

    thanks for writing to me and for the criticisms. I misunderstood the first exercise, he will mean that I will do it before starting lesson 5.

    thanks for the various suggestions, including inserting some ellipses to make some parts look more 3D (as you said in particular the legs on which the sausages look flat) and as for the wings of the moth, I'm not particularly satisfied too how they came. They are a bit messy and they came too flat, despite the fact that they are still wings. Making the tongenating "bone" with the countourn lines and hooking the membrane as thin as a leaf could be more effective.

    I will also be more attentive to the weight of the line, something that I still have to work on a lot.

    Thanks again for writing to me, I'll try to pay attention to these suggestions for the future.

    4:02 PM, Tuesday May 4th 2021

    Hi Wifu. Sorry if I answer you so late but I haven't opened the drawabox account for some time (but the exercises continue!).

    My english is bad so i hope the translator does a good job.

    I wanted to thank you very much for your criticism of my work, it has been very long and comprehensive.

    I still have the habit of "getting straight to the point" when drawing rather than breaking it down into simpler components. It's something I should take off, but let's say I'm working on it since it's certainly among the most useful things I can do to get there.

    Thanks for the advice for the shadows, it is one of those I commit more often today. I tend to make continuous strokes instead of "projected shadow areas". This is something I have to work on, especially when it affects the textures. I'll try to fix it right away and avoid the "wild traits".

    I thought putting quite a few flowers on the same page was a good idea. In fact I should think more about the quality of a single construction (possibly drawn from the shoulder) rather than many drawings made with the wrist (but not all). However, I am sure that even grinding a little on the same page can have its value to inculcate the function of the construction in the head so ... bad but not terrible, right?

    Thanks again for writing to me, it was the most complete comment I have received. You have raised useful criticisms (shadows brought to zones, more attention to proceeding from simple to more complex things ...) and I will try to be more careful in the future. I'm still sorry to have seen just now that you answered me, but better late than never.

    8:46 PM, Sunday May 17th 2020

    Gotcha. Thanks for your comment, I feel a little more peaceful.

    9:40 PM, Sunday April 5th 2020

    Google does a good job with translations, then.

    I'm glad you are fine and are able to continue working. Right now I am stuck at home but fortunately, thanks to my family, I get along. Of course I would prefer to get active and do something, but for now I must necessarily stay still. But luckily I'm fine too, thanks for your interest.

    10:22 PM, Monday March 30th 2020

    Hi MAHA, thanks for reading my post and not just looking at my drawings.

    You're right, I must continue to challenge possible failure. I will try to work on it while I continue with the various exercises and try to put myself more at stake, who knows if it will not be able to unlock me.

    Unfortunately, drawing for fun is the thing that is more difficult for me right now ... but I hope that the exercises on this site will help me remember how have fun (as well as being frustrated, hehe).

    You are right! I forgot to draw the perspective lines. Tomorrow I will resume the prosective exercises and try to put them on purpose. Fortunately they are easy enough, it won't take long.

    Thanks for pointing that out

    But how are you doing? All right in your part?

    (if my english is "strange" is cause I use google translate)

    10:09 PM, Monday March 30th 2020

    Thanks, AKIRU, for writing me and thanks for the critique. In the next exercises I will try to be more careful and avoid making the same line twice. It's a bad habit that I have to lose.

    (and my bad English is the same, we are two hehehe)

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