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    4:40 AM, Wednesday July 1st 2020

    Edit your posts to Imgur? Well, just make an account and post them. If they're linked to an account, they should be able to be edited. I'm not sure about them being deleted for no reason though... I've never seen that happen before.

    7:31 PM, Tuesday June 30th 2020

    Your revised page of funnels looks great; I'd say you're all set for 250 boxes! I've so far done just under 50 boxes, and boy... it's really challenging, much more so than the exercises in the box section of Lesson 1. Just keep going though and you should get the hang of it. Best of luck!

    Next Steps:

    Next step is the 250 box challenge! You are also now qualified to critique other lesson 1 submissions which is highly encouraged. Here's a quick guide on critiquing lesson 1: https://pastebin.com/dYnFt9PQ

    This community member feels the lesson should be marked as complete, and 3 others agree. The student has earned their completion badge for this lesson and should feel confident in moving onto the next lesson.
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    9:37 PM, Monday June 29th 2020

    Good work! keep in mind that this is my first critique, so I might have missed some things.


    Lines seem all good. For Superimposed Lines, there's only fraying on one end, which is good, and they mostly accurate. Good job, especially on the arced lines! I found these really hard to do. Mine were a total mess.


    Ellipses need some work.

    For Ellipses in Planes, your ellipses are well done. They lie for the most part within their respective planes, they lie within the circle and are only drawn over 2-3 times.

    For Tables of Ellipses, some of the medium-to-large ellipses are either not completely filling the space or having some overlap with neighboring ellipses. The circular ellipses seem better.

    For Funnels, I'm not really sure what happened. A few of the funnels are well done, such as the ones in the top-right corner. Most of them, however, have really bad overlap. The one in the bottom-left corner is the worst offender. You should definitely do another page of funnels. On the bright side, good job on the minor axes! They should cut the ellipses into 2 symmetrical halves, and you've done so.

    A trick that really helped me when drawing the ellipses was thinking about their contact points with the bounding/box and other ellipses when ghosting. Here's a quick guide I made to demonstrate what I mean: https://imgur.com/gallery/axi1Vsj (excuse the horrible ellipses, I'm still working on mine as well!)


    Everything seems mostly alright here. I'm far from an expert at boxes, but here's what I noticed.

    For Rough Perspective, your lines have a good bit of wobble to them. Remember, the goal is not accuracy but confidence in your lines. Ghost your lines. Before doing a page of boxes, doing a few Ghosted Planes is a great warm-up. The only other thing is that you've forgotten to finish is constructing the back face of the bottom-most box on the first page... or is it just infinitely long?

    For Rotated Boxes, good job! This one was really tricky for me, so please take everything I say with a grain of salt. For your outermost boxes on the axes, you should rotate them more than you have. You're close to not actually rotating your boxes. As you go out from the origin, the size of the boxes on the page decreases much faster than one would think it would. Compare your outermost boxes to those in Uncomfortable's example homework.

    Great work overall! Just review your ellipses, and then you'll be set for 250 boxes.

    Next Steps:

    One more page of Funnels. Make sure that you are ghosting through all their contact points with the bounding/box and other ellipses. Doing this will ensure that they fit snuggly together with no gaps or overlaps. Optionally, if you feel like you need more practice with ellipses, you can do another page of Tables of Ellipses.

    When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
    3:01 AM, Sunday June 28th 2020

    Thanks so much for the detailed and in-depth feedback! I've done another quadrant of the Rotated Boxes, and it looks much better! I spent a lot more time ensuring that the initial box was drawn correctly to prevent inaccuracies from building up later down the line. I tried crosshatching, and it really helped keep things clear.

    I also did another page of Tables of Ellipses.

    Thanks again for the critique!

    7:45 PM, Saturday June 27th 2020

    Sorry about that, I'll be sure to only post full critique in future. Thanks for the guide and heads up!

    7:33 PM, Saturday June 27th 2020

    Thank you for the critique!

    I did draw through my ellipses two or three times on most of them. I realize I didn't do this on the first page of Tables of Ellipses, so I did an extra page.

    Looking back on the lesson page for Organic Perspective, that exercise didn't require you to draw through your boxes. See Uncomfortable's example homework. Also, I have drawn through my boxes on Rotated Boxes. You can see sides of the box even if they are obstructed.

    Also, I did not use digital mediums to do the exercises. They are scans; I have done all of the exercises with pen and paper. I did most of the excersizes with a Pigma Graphic 1 pen. It's a bit thick, but I'm still waiting for my Pigma Micron 08s to come in the mail (they're recommended 0.5mm fineliners).

    I don't think that doing over the entire lesson is necessary, I have done it as said in the lesson materials!

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    10:52 PM, Friday June 26th 2020

    In future, please upload all of your homework pages in a single Imgur gallery! It makes it easier to look through. Thanks!

    Next Steps:

    In future, please upload

    When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
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    7:13 PM, Friday June 26th 2020

    Quick point to make about the linework on the Organic Perspective exercise - you shouldn't repeat or "correct" lines. Do them in a single quick and clean stroke, and then move on to the next line even if it wasn't exactly on point. I made the same mistake when I did the Rotated Boxes exercise, it's really tempting to do, especially when using a thin pen. Other than that, great work!

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