Hi man! how have you been? the main problem i see with your excercises is the excesive amount of forms you put into the paper, there's a sheet where you used only boxes, and to be honest i can't understand what's going on into the sheet, try to lowers your numbers while you're learning, try to keep it simple and manageable to you, then you can start to rise up that number if you want, but at least give it a shot with 2 pages with low number of forms, around 10 would work, your organic intersections looks like there's too much too, you get trouble reaching the ground, i'll recomend start with a big sausage, then you can overlap over it 3 or 4 smaller forms than the central one, you can add some sausages just lying on the ground to give it the feel they're on the same space, try not to fill all the sheet with random-ass sausages, try to think and understand each one, replace quantity with quality, i'll recomend look up for your shadows, they look a little like they're a stronger outline and not like shadows, try to think there's a lamp over all the pile of sausages and think how the light will affect them, how the shadow will wrap those circular forms, if you need more, help i can help you with illustrated examples through discord! come and see us! give me a mention through discord ''Edwin Santander #8663'' and i'll reach you and will try to explain better, just keep it up and try to redo those last 2 excercises (the intersections ones).