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    9:25 PM, Saturday August 1st 2020

    First of all, congratulations on completing lesson 1! That's already an achievement =D

    Now about the exercises:

    1- Superimposed lines: overall, it seems you did a great job! All the lines seem to start at the same point and there's no great diversion at the end. Also, most lines seem to be confident and not wobbly. It seems that shorter lines were more consistent and confident, but I believe that happens to all of us: it is hard to keep consistency with longer lines.

    2 - Ghosted lines: here you also seemed to be pretty confident with your lines. They don't look wobbly at all and it seems you got the mark most of the time. you even managed to draw long lines confidently.

    3- Ghosted planes: nice job! Lines as pretty straight. It seems you hit off the mark on some of the planes on the first page, but that seemed to be corrected on the second one

    4- Table of Ellipses: the ellipses aren't wobbly and it is pretty clear that you are drawing with your shoulder. Also, most of them respect the delimited space and seem to have the same size size on both sides. Another great job!

    5- Ellipses in planes: most of the ellipses seem to respect the borders of the planes. I identified only 3 that go off the plane, so that's amazing! It seems that most lines are superimposed as well, but it also seem that a few ellipses were circled more than twice (maybe doing it only twice will bring you more confidence). Overall, that was a great work!

    6 - Funnels: most of the ellipses are of the same sizes on both sides, and also here I can't find wobbly lines. Great job! It seems that on the far ends some of the ellipses diverge in size when you compare them with the other one on the other side. Also, some of the seem to be assymetrical, but those are just a few and I believe it is just a consequence of drawing bigger forms =D

    7- Plotted perspective: It seems you got everything from the exercise here: all the boxes are drawn between the two vanishing points and all the respective lines are converging to them. Nice!

    8- Rough Perspective: most boxes seem to have a confident line and you did a good job with the perspective. There are some boxes that converge to the vanishing point in a pretty accurate way! Others went a little off, but I believe that wasn't something requested right now (the 250 boxes challgenge will probably help with that).

    9- Rotaded boxes: I can see that you did this exercise twice! That must have demanded a lot from you. I believe it was expected not to be perfect, but you did a good job on both of them. A few lines look a little wobbly and there seem to be some perspective to learn, but, again, It wan't expected from you to know that already.

    10- Organic Perspective: Great work here too! The lines are pretty confident, thaere's a good variety of positions and you overlapped a lot of them. Only on two images it seems you went too discreet with the reduction in size of the boxes as the line goes farther, but amazing job overall!

    It was really nice to go through your homework, it seems you really nailed it! From the first exercise you lines show confidence and you nailed in all the taks! Congratulations!

    Next Steps:

    I think you should go to the 250 boxes challenge, it will probably help you with the perspective issue if you are struggling with that. Also, it would be nice to keep doing these exercises as warmups (for about 10-15 minutes before drawing)!

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    8:12 PM, Saturday August 1st 2020

    Thank you so much for the critic! I found those really helpful and feel safer to move on now. Also, I plan to do these exercises as warmups, so I will be able to pay attention and apply the suggestions you gave me above.

    Thanks again!

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