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    11:36 PM, Saturday July 2nd 2022

    Yes, it seems he used a ruler to make the projections. Some black lines don't match them. I believe it's ok, but focus on not doing it on the 250 box challenge to really improve your guessing skill and perception of space.

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    11:18 PM, Saturday July 2nd 2022

    First time commenting here, so I hope others jump in and provide another opinion.

    Your superimposed lines exercise look ok. You are confidently starting at the right spot and not making wobbly lines. The second page looks particularly good with confident lines. Precision comes with time, look for it but don't freak out.

    I believe you can keep practicing the ghosted lines exercise on your warmups. You are not wobblying, but you are not making straight lines either. Focus on getting confident straight lines. I suggest that you experiment ghosting a bit slower than what you see on the videos, it worked better for me to get my muscles connecting to my mind's intention. It's the same for the ghosted planes, even though it look you started to get some improvement on the second page (the first on the imgur gallery?). Keep doing those planes as warmups, I still do 5 minutes of them before going into other exercises.

    Your ellipses, on the other hand, need more work to get confident lines. It seems you are slowing down in the hope of getting precision, but are getting wobbly strokes. Also, your funnels exercise shows that you are still not getting symmetric ellipses. Focus on ghosting them from your shoulder and locking your wrist.

    You could have used the rough perspective exercise to fill more boxes. You got the idea of vanishing points, but is still suffering to make confident strokes. Yet, those boxes far from the vanishing points pose a challenge and going through them really improves the confidence on your lines. Again, focus on doing confident strokes by ghosting and preparing before commiting to the mark on the paper. Once the pen touches the surface, just let it go instead of trying to finely control it.

    Your lines on the organic perspective exercise improved sensibly. You seem to have not considered the perspective of the individual boxes, though.

    Next Steps:

    I believe you can go to the 250 box challenge. Keep practicing ghosting lines and ellipses as warmups. Do not skip them, your goal is to make drawing confident straight lines your second nature to tackle more complex situations that will come on future lessons.

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