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    5:49 PM, Thursday December 1st 2022

    Thank you (bows head)

    4:47 PM, Thursday December 1st 2022

    When drawing really small ellipses like for eyes do i still have to draw through it twice?

    10:43 PM, Friday November 25th 2022

    Thanks Andio, i know that being able to draw for hours at a time can drain most people, but that doesnt mean it drains me! I ended up laying down to sleep at 2:30am. I didnt fall asleep till around 4-5am. This was actually because i wanted to draw so badly that my mind wouldnt let me rest. I absolutely can and do work efficiantly for 8 hours!

    I actually completed the lesson the day before the 2 week waiting period and just set an alarm for when I could turn the next one in. I am actually really enjoying this journey its the reason I get out of bed, literally! So I am not thinking of a 2 week deadline, just drawing when I feel like it!

    When it comes to the capybara, I actually did 4 pages of 4 animals then realized that I was supposed to do 4 pages of 2 animals. So i ended up doing another dog and fox. I made the same mistake with the hooves animals as well, but I didnt feel like doing even more so I asked on discord what to do and meta said to just explain that it was an accident. I forgot to do that sorry. Wish there was a way to edit submissions without cancelling, or a way to add additional notes that would be useful the whole course for me.

    When it comes to the bat the angle kinda threw me off. Thats why I chose it so I didnt take the easy way out. I kid you not I completely forgot about the sausage method for the "fingers" and legs of the bat. As for the additional masses for some reason I actually ended up using the lesson 4 way of doing it.

    I will be sure to read all of this every time before I do the next 6 constructions, as I forget to do some of this stuff. Thanks again!

    6:23 AM, Friday November 25th 2022

    This is good, the cast shadows are a bit small but they still help to sell the illusion that these are 3d objects. Try drawing bigger next time.

    Next Steps:

    Lesson 3

    This community member feels the lesson should be marked as complete. In order for the student to receive their completion badge, this critique will need 2 agreements from other members of the community.
    5:44 AM, Thursday November 24th 2022

    This is much better. You can feel the weight of the sausages. You did however, completely ignore cast shadows which is another important part of the sausages. Be sure to change the degree of the ellipses based on whether or not they are moving away from the viewer. I would like you to try 1 more time.

    Next Steps:

    1 page of organic intersections

    When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
    12:10 AM, Thursday November 24th 2022

    Ooh sorry i didnt know that thanks for telling me!

    12:09 AM, Thursday November 24th 2022

    I was actually just trying to get him some badges since he was already on lesson 7

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    5:22 AM, Tuesday November 22nd 2022

    I personally think this is something to ask comfy personally, I would send an email to him describing the situation. His email is hello@drawabox.com

    1 users agree
    5:20 AM, Tuesday November 22nd 2022

    it stays the same no matter the tier, i went from 10 to 20. Its the same when you downgrade as well.

    0 users agree
    2:03 AM, Sunday November 20th 2022

    I'm gonna give a bit of a shorter review here.

    Starting with the arrows: These are good, but you can really try to make them get much more smaller while they go back in space.

    Branches: These look really good.

    Plant Construction: They are fine in general however, I notice 6 out of 8 are the demos. As comfy said, including demos is fine but it should be less than half of the total number of of constructions (3 max.) I would like you to do more non demo plants.

    Next Steps:

    3 pages of plant constructions

    When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
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