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    12:26 AM, Tuesday July 25th 2023

    I actually think a bit of why my lines were more wobbly is because I took that 6 month break where I was drawing almost entirely digitally and uses the app I was drawing in to do any straight lines. Never the less I actually don't hate ellipses or cylinders so I don't really mind spending some time on the planes exercise.

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    3:51 PM, Sunday June 25th 2023


    7:42 PM, Tuesday June 13th 2023


    5:22 PM, Tuesday June 13th 2023

    Ty! This does put a smile on my face... but if you don't mind me asking... what's the purpose of 250 cylinders? I can understand drawing a ton of them, but 250 seems like a way too much.

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    10:35 PM, Saturday June 10th 2023

    Try adding shadows and post the picture so its not sideways

    2:00 AM, Tuesday June 6th 2023


    thank you for your answer and i had another question about the additional muscle masses. how do i know when to use sharp edges and when to use soft ones like in this example? i never really understood this from the start.

    4:02 AM, Monday June 5th 2023

    Do you really have to use your shoulder to draw everything? For smaller details, additional masses, sausage forms, and more I find to be near impossible for them to be non wobbly because it's so hard to draw from the shoulder in smaller places. I reread all the critique for lesson 4 and 5 and a lot of the times you said my lines were wobbly and non confident it was only because I drew from the shoulder.

    8:52 PM, Tuesday May 23rd 2023

    I actually emailed him asking if I had to restart the course or not and he said no but it would be smart to redo lesson 5 entirely. I would definitely agree.

    3:50 AM, Tuesday May 23rd 2023

    I AM planning on returning to dab as well and will completely redo lesson 5 as recommended by uncomfortable

    3:44 AM, Tuesday May 23rd 2023

    Yess thank you!

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