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    2:37 PM, Tuesday July 20th 2021

    those links look really helpful. Thank you.

    5:50 PM, Sunday July 18th 2021

    I'm not sure what by extrude is meant. And it's kinda hard to explain with words now, so I made a second quick sketch (the one on the right turn out sloppy).

    but basically my question is, how far have the vanishing points be apart so that the cube has right angles. there has to be some construction process and they can't be both right because then how would you construct a box with other angles then 90°?

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    3:12 PM, Sunday July 18th 2021

    I'm at 215 after one year with lots of breaks for different reasons, and it's already my second attempt. That's how I made it, I essentially first needed to learn how to manage the work and I still learn it. It's bard but it's meant to be.

    5:48 PM, Sunday June 7th 2020

    I remember you too! That's a lot of text, that I have to read several times. Thanks for the review, I'm quite happy that after month I finally "finished" (I know it should be reviewed regularly) lesson 1.

    4:18 PM, Friday March 13th 2020

    i hope they are okay like that. I can't really get a round object for the arcs where I am.

    9:30 PM, Tuesday March 3rd 2020

    Do you mean like so:

    8:26 AM, Monday March 2nd 2020

    maybe it isn't that good visible, but there are start/end points.

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