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    11:35 AM, Wednesday May 20th 2020

    The 2 cars requested. Link: https://imgur.com/a/nCwrWsP

    I made a constructional analisys of those and all the previous vehicles, but during the drawing I take notes and scribble over it, so usually I discard them. I couldn't find the one I used on the Model T.

    I tried to follow all your advices, specially about free handing. I also feel that I fell short expanding my VP and overall I'm not happy with how the Hyundai came out. Not filling the inside of the car with black was a decision made to not lose focus on construction.

    Anynway, i did really put time on those to drawing, and I'm starting to confortable drawing for long periods and taking breaks.

    11:04 PM, Sunday May 17th 2020

    Thanks for the correction.

    I went to revise my submission and realized, that i was indeed doing the clean-up pass. I didn't notice earlier, and I will be more careful. Also, being patience was actually a problem, I end up rushing the end on most drawing. I try to end the drawing in one go, so when i'm 40 min i start to rush since I'm tired. I will try to change that.

    Also, at the start of the drawing, I tend to use rulers, ellipse guides (unless the ellipse is big, since it doesn't fit), but as you said, i end up cleaning-up free handing.

    On a side note, I really like the way you teach and your methodology. The 50-50 rule mentioned in lesson 0 shocked me when I first saw it. I really found it really good, so good that I even applied it in my work as a basketball coach. From time to time i go back and revise that lesson to don't forget the keys of my methodology.

    So I've been following the 50-50 rule and the warm ups. But, I really wanted to move forward and improve, so this month I've been grinding like 2-3 hours everyday, which was more less 2 wheels or 1 vehicule a day, to fit the 15 days limits, along side the daily dose of cute anime girls to enjoy drawing. I will take things with more calm and dedicate every drawing the time it deserves.

    I'm really glad i found Drawabox, you are doing a great job, thank you so much!

    Moving on those 2 cars!

    11:52 PM, Friday May 1st 2020

    Hehehe I'm proud of more than 60 pages of ellipses exercises, never skip "ellipses" day!

    Yeah, through the course of DrawABox, textures and just drawing the cast shadows (implicit drawing) are which I'm struggling the most, I'll be working on it.

    Oh my, i missunderstood you. The master template is a great option, already ordered.

    I'll me moving onto lesson 7, thanks for the critique!

    11:45 PM, Thursday April 16th 2020

    thank you! I will try to get one, moving on.

    1:35 AM, Thursday February 20th 2020

    thank you! Moving into lesson 6

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