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    8:17 AM, Tuesday February 28th 2023

    Thank you for critiquing my lesson!

    Yeah the first hundred were wrong. I somehow read the lesson wrong for quite a long time and I eventually read it right. As soon as I realized that I did a hundred cylinders wrong I felt quite stupid but sometimes people do stupid stuff. So I just have a quick laugh about it.

    One thing I say is that I should read over some lessons again to keep things fresh. I have to learn a lot of stuff currently and because of that I tend to forget things or loose track of things. Thats no excuse to revisit not the older lessons but just an explanation why the first hundred came out the way they did.

    My line work does need some work and I'm really trying to work hard on it. I get quite impatient and nervous and I think that especially the ellipses suffer from that. I'm still trying to find an answer to why I get so impatient and nervous when drawing. I still do ellipses as warmups and somehow they don't come out as chaotic and shaky.

    Some where after the hundredth cylinder I came across some of the drawing databases videos and they gave me an certain understanding of forms and how to look at them that I didn't even think about before.

    I looked at my boxes again and it surprised my that a lot of the look quite similar. I didn't notice that and I don't know why that is but thank you for telling me that I seem to memorize the boxes I make. I think I wouldn't have even noticed that.

    For the extended lines I don't really have something to say other than. I don't take enough time to analyze my mistakes. Again drawing for the course makes my impatient and nervous somehow and because of that I will do the course again some time later after doing every lesson and challenge.

    Here I want to break things down into the core points.

    -going over older material would be good to keep my memory fresh.
    -my line work is mostly good but sometimes there is some form of wavering in it.
    -boxes seem memorized instead of subconscious understanding of 3D space.
    - being more mind full about convergences and to extend them fully.
    7:34 AM, Tuesday February 28th 2023

    Thank you so much for answering my question.

    I think that the graph of the mouse quite helped. Though I'm still unsure how to measure the objects.

    Oh, I didn't know that we have to make separate orthographic views. But now that you said it it makes so much sense.

    Okay so taking the measurements of the object and making them simpler is key to this exercise.

    I think I understand lesson 6 better now. thank you

    If I got something wrong please tell me.

    8:49 PM, Thursday February 2nd 2023

    Thank you for the critique.

    Yeah doing these exercises is quite daunting even after doing half the course. One thing that I noticed that helped bevor making a mark is taking a deep breath....at first it felt dumb but it help quite a lot.

    For thr observation part I took note of the negative space. I think it really helped and for the most part looks quite correct in my drawings.

    Doing sausage forms still feel like a struggle but it helped a lot when making little dots before hand. I think that one can clearly see the differents of the sausages with and without doing the dots first.

    I think that the rabbit came out the best of them all, even though I made that mistake with the shoulder mass. I really didn't thought of the leg mass coming out there and thanks for pointing it out, I really needed that as a reminder.

    For the head I always had a tab open with the puma head demo and it helped so much.

    Well the 250 cylinder challenge. Quite a lot to draw but nothing impossible.

    Thank you for being my TA for this lesson.

    Have a great day Andpie!

    4:11 PM, Thursday February 2nd 2023

    Hi Andpie

    I'm finished with my constructions. I'm not quite happy with them I still have the feeling that I don't fully understand it.

    I would love to know what went wrong and such.

    One fear I have is that I work to fast. I get nervous quite easily and I think it might effect my drawings too. Whats your take on it.


    here is the link: https://imgur.com/a/vvKjJBc

    One thing I forgot is the dates.

    Cat: 30th January

    Frog: 31st January

    Fish: 1st February

    Cat: 2nd February

    5:51 PM, Wednesday February 1st 2023

    It's really good to hear that you don't do too much of the draw a box stuff and such.

    Health and sanity is the most important thing there is.

    Well the community can't help right now but I'm sure you'll let us know when we can help you.

    I believe that everyone especially the ones who are past the 250 box challenge have more that enough patient and will be hyped for everything that may happen with draw a box.

    Thanks for making it free for everyone and having such a good course.

    6:05 PM, Monday January 30th 2023

    Thank you for the quick reply.

    I'll be starting with the 4 pages now.

    Have a nice day.

    3:50 PM, Monday January 30th 2023

    Thank you Andpie

    It was quite a long text and I read it multiple times to really understand what you wrote and I even made some notes and looking at my notes helps a lot.

    I do have a question about planing things. Is it okay to make dots as guides on the page or should we only plan things out in the head?

    I have that problem especially with the sausages. When ghosting the sausage as soon as I do longer ones I tend to forget what I even wanted the sausage to look like.

    6:57 AM, Saturday January 28th 2023

    People really don't like perspective and I kind of understand it. Well perspective can be the most fun of all the fundamentals......well as soon as your brain understands it.

    8:38 AM, Friday January 27th 2023

    Thx I didn't know that framed ink is about composition.

    For the article about H2D. I will read it and keep in mind that I should read the book from norling and to be honest I'm quite hyped to read that book. Thank you for the recommendations!

    8:35 AM, Friday January 27th 2023

    I sorry for you and your team that there seems to be always something in the way.

    Thank you that you release sneak peaks of in the critiques.

    Is there some way for the community to help with the overhauls?

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