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    12:37 PM, Monday March 7th 2022

    No problem !

    Honestly this was kinda hard getting back into Drawabox after 2 months, I felt a little rusty.

    The cylinder challenge for me was really helpful and a bit scary at first too, my ellipses weren't on point so I did not know how my cylinders would turn.

    • For the first part, constructing cylinders around an axis only allowed my ellipses to gain a lot more confidence and also some precision. I also gained confidence building what looked like "accurate cylinders" to me.

    • The second part was a lot more time consuming and difficult for each cylinder, but it made me realise how innacurate my previous cylinders were in comparison with the one constructed with more precision.

      • Honestly this part was really boring to me but it helped for sure on precision and how an actual cylinder could/should look like.

      • I think this will help my future cylinders built around an axis to look more believable !

    Anyway thanks and good luck with the challenge !

    10:31 AM, Monday March 7th 2022

    Constructed 2 Plants drawings with fruits, here's the link :


    8:28 AM, Monday March 7th 2022

    Sure I'm doing them right now, I'm sorry if I wasn't clear with my response.

    7:44 AM, Monday March 7th 2022

    First of all, thank you for the critique,

    Organic Arrows

    I skipped lineweight because I didn't know I was supposed to lineweight these.


    For this part it is my bad, it is clearly said in the text that you could do a certain amount of plants following demos, but for the remaining work, you should use your own references. I misunderstood the text and did them all. Unfortunately when I saw my mistake it was already too late.

    Again, I'd like to thank you for your time and for the provided critique : this was really helpful to me and will for sure help me move on the next step !

    8:38 AM, Monday January 3rd 2022

    Hello SuperS0nick,

    Thanks a lot for your critique and for pointing out my mistakes !

    The texture analysis exercise took me a long time to complete, I'll be more careful in the futur and do my best to do a smooth transitions when I'll be tackling the 25 texture challenge

    This was helpful thank you again

    6:54 PM, Wednesday February 17th 2021

    Hello ! Thanks a lot for the reply,

    I'll keep that in mind in the future :)

    2:48 PM, Friday August 21st 2020


    Thanks a lot for the critique, I'll keep that in mind for the next lessons !

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