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    5:05 AM, Monday November 21st 2022

    My revisions are in the reply above from Elodin

    5:04 AM, Monday November 21st 2022

    Thank you for the patience, I finally just got this finished here:

    4:27 PM, Friday November 11th 2022

    Okay I'm looking at this and I still feel driections are not being read carefully. Organic perspective is very wonky to look at. My suggestion, just one, only one page (Not two), and look at Uncomfortable's example and others who have completed this hw. Even mine can be looked at.

    Next Steps:

    One page Oraganic Perspective

    When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
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    8:26 PM, Friday October 28th 2022

    Hello. I will be reiviewing your lessong one hw

    Superimposed Lines: In first submission I saw fraying on both sides. Luckily the second page shows none of that so good work on improvment.

    Ghosted Lines: No wobbling I can see so good job on this.

    Ghosted Planes: Make sure your lines connect from one dot to the other. Keep an eye on ink in pen/how hard you are pressing into the paper.

    Table of Elipses: I think you are trying to squeeze too much into these.

    Elipses in Planes: Remember ghosting method as I feel a bit too many of these are breaking out of bounds.

    Funnels: Looks like the elipses in these are better.

    Plotted perspectives: Very good but some of the hatching is a bit too much. You can spread the lines out for hatching a bit more. They don't have to be that close together.

    Rough Perspective: ONly one color is needed as the multi colors makes it very hard to see where the lines go.

    Rotated Boxes: Well done attempt.

    Organic Perspective: Altough the pen/ink is once again having problems, good work on this.

    Next Steps:

    First watch your pen/ink so lines aren't breaking or disspearing.

    I'd like to see one more page of:

    Table of Elipses

    Elipses in Planes

    Rough Perspective

    When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
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    8:18 PM, Friday October 28th 2022

    Hello. I will be reiviewing your lessong one hw

    Superimposed Lines: Some of these got a little messy. Might be due to rushing but other than that I think you got this.

    Ghosted Lines: Well done on these.

    Ghosted Planes: I don't see any problem with these.

    Table of Elipses: Some of the elipses are wobbly but I think you are showing you are trying to keep everything nice and tight. Good.

    Elipses in Planes: Since there are quiet a bit breaking out of boundries, remembering ghosting is your friend. But that's just something for practice and warmups.

    Funnels: Other than the one running into the neighbor, it looks better with the elipses

    Plotted perspectives: Good work but watch the ink in your pen or how lightly you are pressing into the paper. That is causing your lines going away from your boxes to break/dissapear.

    Rough Perspective: Saw improvement as you went along and showing understanding.

    Rotated Boxes: I think you might have missed the reading of this. Also not sure why lines were drawn breaking away as that isn't required for this part of the HW.

    Organic Perspective: The only thing I will say is you don't have to draw your boxes breaking out of the screen.

    Next Steps:

    I think one page of Roated boxes and Organic Perspective will help you before you tackle the 250 box challange. Make sure to re-read direcitons.

    When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
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    8:02 PM, Friday October 28th 2022

    Hello. I will be reiviewing your lessong one hw. For future submissions please make sure they are uploaded in the order given of Hw assingments and loaded right side up instead of sideways. It makes the job of critiquing a bit easier.

    Superimposed Lines: Nothing concerning here; good job on this.

    Ghosted Lines: Overall good job. You are making good use of Ghosting line method.

    Ghosted Planes: Even better with the line work than with the second assingment so good; improvment is always good.

    Table of Elipses: I can't see it; did you do this Hw assingment?

    Elipses in Planes: I think you have the idea down.

    Funnels: a little less of them and a bit more spread out but good work on these.

    Plotted perspectives: I'm going to say this, you don't need to write mistakes you make down. But you did well on this as far as I can tell. Remember we're not trying to be perfect here.

    Rough Perspective: Again I'm seeing you writting down where you made mistakes.

    Rotated Boxes: Looks a bit rough at the bottom of your sphere.

    Organic Perspective: Seeing mistakes written down but your second one was done beautifully.

    Next Steps:

    Okay you are missing one of the required assignment; you table of elipses so please include that and trying the rotated boxes again.

    When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
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    7:53 PM, Friday October 28th 2022

    Hello. I will be reiviewing your lessong one hw

    Superimposed Lines: The longer lines seem a little messy but nothing concerning at all.

    Ghosted Lines: A lot of the lines either miss the mark or are a bit off. The ghosting line method in lesson is the key but i do see most of these lines are striaght like a pole which is good.

    Ghosted Planes: I can see the lines are connecting to the dots assigned so much better here with using ghost line.

    Table of Elipses: A few elipses are breaking out of boundries but that's okay. You are showing you are aware and trying to keep eveyrthing in nice and tight. Good.

    Elipses in Planes: Good work on these but a couple looked like the ink either was running out in the pen or not pressing hard enough.

    Funnels: Good work but again keep an eye on the ink in pen or how hard you are pressing into the paper.

    Plotted perspectives: You understand the concept but the lines branching from boxes are breaking off or disspearing.

    Rough Perspective: Much better with lines branching off. nothing seems to be running out of ink and you understand this concept.

    Rotated Boxes: This is a job well done. No issues that i can see here.

    Organic Perspective: I do belive you understand this concept.

    Next Steps:

    Overall I think you are ready to move on. Just make sure you keep an eye on ink/pen so we don't see lines either breaking up or dissapearing. Good luck on 250 box challange as it's a challange for a reason but I know you can do it.

    This community member feels the lesson should be marked as complete. In order for the student to receive their completion badge, this critique will need 2 agreements from other members of the community.
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    7:44 PM, Friday October 28th 2022

    Hello. I will be reiviewing your lessong one hw

    Superimposed Lines: Not bad with these.

    Ghosted Lines: It does appear you are being aware of connecting from one point to another. Make sure you keep an eye on the ink in your pent as it does appear to be thinned out. Or not pressing hard enough.

    Ghosted Planes: I am seeing the same thing again with the pen and ink mentioned in Ghosted lines. But nothing seems out of place other than that. Good work.

    Table of Elipses: The biggest things i see is a lot of breaking out of bounds for the elipses whether it's the lines of the tables or into nerighbor elipses.

    Elipses in Planes: I still am seeing a bit more of breaking out of boundries but a lot less this time. Good.

    Funnels: These could have been spread out more and not so close together. On the other hand much better, the elipses are now staying more withing boundries and not breaking out.

    Plotted perspectives: Because you have filled in a face for all boxes I can't tell how they look drawn through. I am glad you did provide a second one and that is much better.

    Rough Perspective: Once again seeing fully filled faces making it hard to tell how your boxes look.

    Rotated Boxes: I do see some missing boxes at the top. Try to take the picture without covering up some of the drawing with a thumb or hand.

    Organic Perspective: A lot of these boxes are quiet wonky in shape.

    Next Steps:

    The main thing is making sure you are pressing hard enough on the page and you pen doesn't run out of ink. Also I think Re-reading direction of elipses in tables, Rough Perspective, and Organic perspective while submitting one page for each would help before moving on. Especially since in the next challange the boxes can't be filled in for one face.

    When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
    3:13 PM, Sunday July 24th 2022

    Thank you for the review. And after reading it and what I've been working on insect wise while waiting, even if I wasn't aware, can be curbed not just with practicing on what I have in mind, I believe some of these things will start to diminish the more I prttaice. This makes me happy and I can't wait to start lesson 5.

    3:38 PM, Thursday July 21st 2022

    Ah I see. Well just to note that your really shouldn't untill you've had someone critique just in case. Hope things are going well.

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