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  • 250 Cylinder Challenge

  • Do all my box planes have to be square? (250 Cylinder Challenge)

  • Should I do some box exercises before starting the 250 cylinder challenge?

  • Partial 250 Cylinder Challenge submission

  • Lesson 5: Applying Construction to Animals

  • An interesting picture of a drawing!

  • Help with smaller parts of a drawing

  • Ways to define my drawings without line weight

  • Lesson 4: Applying Construction to Insects and Arachnids

  • Drawing Prompt: Fantasy Ice Cream Cart

  • How can I improve if I am too impatient?

  • Lesson 3: Applying Construction to Plants

  • Problems with lineweight on curves

  • Lesson 2: Contour Lines, Texture and Construction

  • Drawing Prompt: Junkyard Symphony

  • Drawing Prompt: Mascot High School

  • Drawing Prompt: Tea Time at World's End

  • Drawing Prompt: Mushroom Manor

  • Drawing Prompt: Cosmic Confectionary

  • 250 Box Challenge

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How to Draw by Scott Robertson

How to Draw by Scott Robertson

When it comes to technical drawing, there's no one better than Scott Robertson. I regularly use this book as a reference when eyeballing my perspective just won't cut it anymore. Need to figure out exactly how to rotate an object in 3D space? How to project a shape in perspective? Look no further.

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