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    10:16 PM, Monday February 19th 2024

    Seeing the exercises redone, I see that you have made a considerable improvement, despite Rough Perspective having some lines that are somewhat unstable, they end up being the minority, which is very positive, already or two others, they were well executed, I'm happy with the your great result, keep it up, and always focus on understanding where you are going wrong and finding a way to correct your mistake by learning from them, as well as always asking questions and having fun with the study process, about the next steps, I I recommend two things, the first is to make an imagination drawing using some references, but with the aim of creating a new image, thinking of a story for it, to use the references and keep them organized, I recommend PureRef https:// www.pureref.com/ , about the drawing, don't do something complex, do something simple but better done, do them with few elements, giving greater emphasis to what is most important for the story you want to tell, even if the story is very simple, because sometimes something simple is better done well than complex and poorly done, as for the exercises, your next step is to go through the challenge of 250 boxes, I know it will be very difficult, but it is extremely important. You're doing well, so don't give up on making art, because you're already doing great.

    Next Steps:

    Make a drawing, with few references, to create a new image with a simple story, you will choose, and the second thing is, do the 250 boxes challenge, following the steps exactly step by step.

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    12:19 AM, Wednesday February 14th 2024

    They were very good, you can see how much this course helps people, besides the 50% part, I liked how the drawings turned out, continue, because you showed that you have a lot of skill, and if you like it, go for it, I'm happy with yours progress and how the course is helping you, I know I'm still in lesson 2 so I can't give a good analysis, but keep going, and don't forget why you're drawing and also have fun with the process too.

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    12:45 PM, Tuesday February 13th 2024

    Hi, I'm CT and I'm going to review the exercises.

    You did them very well

    I hardly see any mistakes, because your execution was very good, you followed what was asked in the exercises extremely well, making you do them very well, for the next step do the 250 boxes challenge, before going to lesson 2.

    Congratulations, your performance was incredible.

    Next Steps:

    Do the 250 boxes challenge.

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    12:38 PM, Tuesday February 13th 2024

    Hi good morning, I'm CT and I'm going to evaluate your exercises.

    Regarding the Super Imposed Lines, the lines are very unstable, I recommend you use them as a warm-up, to understand the speed that is most comfortable for you.

    Regarding Ghosted Lines, some lines were a little unstable, but it ended up being the majority, which indicates that you understood how the exercise works, making you perform well.

    Ghosted Planes/Ellipses in Planes were very good.

    The Tables of Ellipses some ellipses were unstable and inconsistent, I recommend you redo a page of it.

    Funnels and Plotted Perspective were well done, Rough Perspective had unstable lines, I recommend you redo a page of it too, focusing on the fluidity of the line, remembering what was learned in the Ghosted Lines exercise and applying it at any time make the lines.

    Rotated Boxes was missing one of the boxes on the top left and the ones on the right side, since the boxes converged in very similar ways, I recommend you redo the exercise, making the boxes close to the central box end up converging at a more pronounced vanishing point. distant, while those at the ends, let them converge at a flashing point, very close, this makes it more apparent that they are rotating.

    Organic Perspective was good.

    You had a good result, and you can see that you are improving a lot, so don't give up, because you tried hard and it is bringing results.

    Next Steps:

    Redo Tables of Ellipses, Rough Perspective and Rotated Boxes.

    When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
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    11:58 AM, Tuesday February 13th 2024

    Hi, good morning, good afternoon and good evening, I'm CT and I'm going to review your exercises.

    Regarding the overlapping lines exercises, they are diverging a lot from the final point, I recommend you do them as a warm-up, but don't do them extremely fast, nor too slow, look for a balance in speed, and find what works best for you.

    From the 2nd to the 4th you did a good job on the exercises, I'm glad you did them well.

    As for Ellipses in Planes, they were good, but in some you ended up not connecting the ellipses on the sides of the plane, but as this doesn't apply to the entire page and you ended up making this error in some of the planes, I don't think it's necessary to redo it. it, but I recommend doing them as a warm-up.

    Funnels, Plotted Perspective, Rough Perspective and Organic Perspective were great.

    The Rotated Boxes were also good, and you understood well how to do it, but I noticed that the end boxes were missing, so I want you to just do them, to understand how to draw them.

    In the end, you did the exercises very well, I'm happy with your performance, I can tell that you really tried hard. Now I believe that you should do the 250 boxes challenge, I know it will be difficult and time consuming, but it is worth it, so don't give up, as you are already making great progress, another thing, if you skipped lesson 0 I recommend that you you go through it before doing the 250 boxes challenge and lesson 2.

    Welcome to DrawaBox :)

    Next Steps:

    Do the 250 boxes challenge. https://drawabox.com/lesson/250boxes

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    11:15 AM, Tuesday February 13th 2024

    Thanks so much for your analyze.

    11:41 PM, Monday February 12th 2024

    https://imgur.com/a/dMeNe1G Here the exercises were done again. Was it good?

    5:11 PM, Sunday February 4th 2024

    I find your criticisms very validating, looking back, I realize that I made several mistakes because I wanted to have more control over my lines. I notice this problem, also in my 250 box exercises, I will redo the pages, thank you for your analysis, as it helped a lot.

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    12:09 AM, Wednesday January 31st 2024

    Hi, good morning, you managed to do 250, congratulations, but regarding the challenge, you had to do it on a larger sheet, and limit yourself to doing 5 to a maximum of 6 boxes, per page, in addition to missing make the correction, which should be done, after completing each page, I also feel that you could have made more money with a more exaggerated foreshortening, although you did not follow some of the requirements to complete the challenge, I can see that you have evolved a lot, especially in the fluidity of the lines, in addition to the hatching being very parallel, now, what I recommend, is that you make another 50 boxes. If you follow exactly what the challenge asks, I know you did it, and I think that's what's missing for you to improve.

    Next Steps:

    Make another 50 boxes, following exactly what was requested in the challenge.

    When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
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    5:17 AM, Friday December 8th 2023

    The first thing I have to point out is that the 2 Pages of Ellipses in Planes exercise is missing. In relation to the exercises you did, I feel that you had a certain difficulty with the Tables of Ellipses, since several ellipses end up not touching the top and bottom corner, as requested in the exercise, on the Page of Funnels you managed to leave the ellises at the right angle, which is something very positive, indicating that you have increased your mastery over drawing them, on the Rotated Boxes, you have finished not keeping the boxes close together, as requested in the exercise, but you can see that the boxes have a certain coherence, except for those in the corners, and in the lower right part you did well, but another thing I should highlight is the the size of the central box should be larger, but as this exercise is very difficult, I recommend you redo it when you are further along in the course, to compare how much you have improved over time. In the Organic Perspective exercise, you can see that you had a lot of difficulty in making some boxes, a tip is to use one of the Y lines as a reference to make the others, as was explained in the text talking about the exercise, I feel that you had There is some difficulty in doing the Y, so I recommend you read the exercise again, and do the 250 boxes challenge, as they will help you get a good idea of spatial vision in 3D space.

    Next Steps:

    Do both pages of the Ellipses in Planes exercise

    When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
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