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    2:03 PM, Tuesday June 9th 2020

    Thank you so much!

    I agree with your statements on my line work, my biggest issue is drawing my strokes out too far past the mark, but also drawing them just a pinch too short when trying to constrain them, which causes a wobbly finish to the stroke.

    Rotating the page has been a lifesaving technique that I used for all of my previous submissions.

    As for the Rotated Boxes, I appreciate your time pointing out the VP, I am personally satisfied that I managed to get the exercise to turn out at the level it did.

    In the end, thank you again for deeming my Lesson 1 progression as complete! I hope to see more guidance from you in my future submissions!

    1:35 AM, Tuesday June 9th 2020

    Thank you for your consideration Blankcanvas! I sincerely appreciate your opinion and hope for more of it in the future.

    1:31 AM, Tuesday June 9th 2020

    Hello Clumsy Penguin! Thank you so much for your critique!

    I wasn't certain people actually gave crits on submitted homework, especially since I haven't made my presence known on the Discord or any other outlet, so I apologize in that I had only noticed your message today!

    I am already 50 or so boxes into the 250 box challenge in my ignorance of keeping up with these notifications as of today.

    I further apologize for not noticing the homework required 3 panels per page, I mistook the example homework as being three seperate examples instead of all being part of the same unit of example.

    After some time I have completed the 3 requests you listed, however as I have always made strong use of the ghosting method, I was forgetful of utilizing the dot method until I had reached my last piece of homework, the rotated boxes.

    The link to the three homework exercises is below, thank you again for your time and honest feedback!

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