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    4:31 PM, Friday June 2nd 2023

    Thanks for your critique, I'll keep on keeping on! Took a look at your lesson 3 out of curiosity and i must say, your lines are extremely smooth :]

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    4:00 PM, Friday April 14th 2023

    Wowie, you've really outdone yourself on that PItcher Crab! Also love the legs on that Fly-Trap-fly. Keep it up!

    3:57 PM, Friday April 14th 2023

    Thank you! Nice to think that somebody is actually looking at my drawings :D

    11:06 AM, Monday November 29th 2021

    Thanks so much for your review!

    And yes, i was trying to "fix" the lines in some places, wanted to improve my accuracy, but now i know that wasn't the right thing to do. Also, i indeed wasn't always using the ghosting method for my hatching lines, not always had the patience to do so. When i saw the previous review, 250 box challenge was almost complete, BUT your tips and suggestions are noted, will be using them in for the next lessons. Thanks again!

    10:54 AM, Monday November 15th 2021

    Wow, i really did not expect any reply here so i moved on 250 box challenge and i actually finished it last week, thank you so much for your review of my work!

    I'll be sure to scan the albums and post my 250 boxes here as well as the other drawings since i was following the 50/50 rule, meanwhile i'll move to lesson 2.

    Thanks again!

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