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    3:49 PM, Saturday February 22nd 2020

    Hi Lolwtferic,

    I'm going to give you some feedback on your Lesson 1 homework. Ok, here I go:

    Your superimposed lines look confident and are well drawn, there's an occasional wobble but that's really nitpicking at this point. And the ghosted lines and planes are good.

    Your tables of ellipses are looking well. I see you are variating your ellipse orientation and size, keep that approach up.

    The planes of ellipses: there are some really nice ones in there, cool. Sometimes the ellipse goes out of the bounds, keep an eye on that and you're golden.

    The funnels exercise: you actually made two pages instead of one you overachiever, you! something you can keep in mind is that the ellipses contract the more they approach the middle of the funnel.

    Now the last section: plotted perspective: well executed, I see you have added extra weight to the boxes. You can actually use a ruler for that during this exercise.

    -rough perspective: There are a couple of thing I want to draw to your attention here:

    - [you have plotted lines to the VP](
    -the confident lines from your previous exercises have become wobbly, and there's a line missing in the middle box one the lower panel.
    -It would be easier to check if you use a different color to check your work (it doesn't matter if its a pencil)
    -also you submitted 1 page, but two pages are specified.

    -rotated boxes: Once again the overachiever in you comes to the scene, three pages of rotated boxes. I'm only going to comment on the first one: you are using the box next to each to align them, good. they are not always rotating well but that's not an issue at this point. However you haven't drawn through all of the boxes (look at the ones in the corners). But I fully understand that this particular exercise can be a bit much.

    • Im missing your 2 pages of the organic perspective exercise.

    Next Steps:

    All in all, good work! Enough to go on to the next thing, but I would like to see your missing homework tough: 1 more page of rough perspective and your organic perspective exercise. You can reply to me with the link and I will check it. cheers.

    When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
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    6:48 PM, Thursday February 13th 2020

    You're getting help with an illness that takes peoples life, and you're looking around to see what cool things you can do and where your interests lie at the same time. if that isn't bad ass then I don't know what is.

    From where I stand you already have grit and persistance, steadily but surely making your way through the dredgy swamp that is depression.

    10:29 AM, Sunday February 9th 2020

    Hi Sluggydragon,

    Im impressed you could make it out as a cat snoot, I'll definitely be improving on my doodling the coming time.

    Here's a link to the additional 15 boxes.

    I do have one question: Is it wise to start with warmups before starting already? Ive seen it mentioned in the lessons but only as something that will be done later on, I've not yet heard that starting gun.


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    10:23 AM, Sunday February 9th 2020

    Hi Hackacentipede, I Just viewed your work and would like to give you feedback:

    First of all nice work, Im seeing confident lines. Another thing I see is you consistently improve on the second page of any exercise (Ghosted lines/planes,elipses, rough perspective, organic perspective), that shows how much you learn from the page you just completed, well done.

    The rest of this feedback is presented in bullet point style:

    -the superimposed lines are consistently started where they ought to, nice! It fans out but that's no biggie.

    -Ghosted lines are looking good. Nice confident lines throughout this exercise and the planes as wel, you seem to have noted where you went of a bit. Don't be too hard on yourself, but I think it's good you are noting possible improvements.

    -funnel elipses can contract more toward the center.

    • your rotated boxes can rotate a bit more when I look at the back of them, but this is a difficult exercise and what you have done is perfectly acceptable.

    So in conclusion, you have obviously read the exercises well before completing them, and you are consistently improving on your work. So I'm going to mark this as complete.

    Next Steps:

    The next step is to go to the 250 box challenge, good luck!

    This community member feels the lesson should be marked as complete, and 2 others agree. The student has earned their completion badge for this lesson and should feel confident in moving onto the next lesson.
    5:19 PM, Thursday February 6th 2020
    • Once you've completed a lesson, one of the best ways to refine your understanding of that material is to help others by critiquing their work. After having done thousands of critiques and having improved immensely over the last few years, I can attest to that myself.*

    Oh wait, under the homework section this paragraph pretty much says what I wanted to know. So once you complete a lesson you are invited to critique it. But I'm leaving this so other people who missed it wil find this.

    4:41 PM, Thursday February 6th 2020

    Ah, my bad. heres a new link

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    7:14 PM, Wednesday February 5th 2020

    Wow, that's really nice.

    My goal is to have my sketches look like that.

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