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    2:24 PM, Friday July 3rd 2020

    Thanks for the detailed feedback and all the pointers, I'll be sure to take them aboard as I work on lesson 3! The intersections were really hard, and I can see where I've gone wrong so hopefully with some more practice I'll improve, your correction is very useful thank you! :)

    8:30 AM, Thursday May 21st 2020

    Thanks so much for the detailed feedback!

    I think with the ellipses after a bad pass (which happened a lot) I would go over them again a couple more times which is why many have too many passes. I know that's no excuse so I'll keep practicing those in warmups and limit myself to the correct number of passes! I definitely see your point about the minor axis in the funnels being off - not sure how I missed that as I was doing it!

    I'll take your feedback from the boxes exercises into the 250 box challenge! :)

    3:44 PM, Wednesday May 20th 2020

    Thanks! I did find ellipses hard, I think the funnel exercise was my weakest of the set as that really showed up how my ellipses were inconsistent!

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