Thank you for your response ennui! I am drawing with my shoulder, and have been since the first lesson. I feel like if I try the super imposed lines practice, ghosted lines, and ghosted planes again, it will be much better than my first attempts at doing them, however I completely agree with your sentiment of lack of confidence. I always end up "prizing accuracy over smoothness", though I am typically spending 1-2 seconds per circle. If I am to be completely honest, those circles were the product of ghosting and ctrl+z -ing attempts for minutes per circle. Other than that, my lines are much more confident then my ellipses. What exercises would you recommend I try in order to practice my ellipses for smooth, and symmetry? I feel like if I go back to the plane of ellipses exercise, I will not fair much better, as the last image is an attempt as of the night of the submission. Thank you for the insightful feedback!