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    7:04 PM, Thursday February 2nd 2023

    Yes it's helps a lot. Not sure if I can post pictures on here but I draw every day and post on my Instagram @draweveryday2022 obviously I have a lot more to learn but it definitely helps. I will probably start the course again and pay for constructive feedback in the near future.

    8:24 PM, Thursday November 17th 2022


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    8:23 PM, Thursday November 17th 2022

    Ha that's funny. I'm on rough perspective now, so not too far behind you and also like you I am enjoying it. For the past 7 or 8 months though I was creating a new drawing every single day so I welcome the break to sprucen up my technical as i was reaching a limit to draw what i actually wanted to create (which was more 3D) So I suppose what I'm saying here is don't think too much about it. You'll get bored eventually and then I guess you will have to start trying to think of something else to do with it haha.

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Sketching: The Basics

Sketching: The Basics

A lot of folks have heard about Scott Robertson's "How to Draw" - it's basically a classic at this point, and deservedly so. It's also a book that a lot of people struggle with, for the simple reason that they expect it to be a manual or a lesson plan explaining, well... how to draw. It's a reasonable assumption, but I've found that book to be more of a reference book - like an encyclopedia for perspective problems, more useful to people who already have a good basis in perspective.

Sketching: The Basics is a far better choice for beginners. It's more digestible, and while it introduces a lot of similar concepts, it does so in a manner more suited to those earlier in their studies.

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