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    9:24 PM, Monday February 28th 2022

    Thank you! :)

    6:42 PM, Monday February 28th 2022


    Here is the link to the assignment redo, much better if I say so myself.

    Another mistake that I also found out was that with the small ellipses I used my wrist to draw them while ghosting with my shoulder, which just mest things up.

    For now I'm warming up with ghosted planes as my ghosted lines going across short distances is pretty bad as you could see in the rotated perspective.

    6:01 PM, Monday February 28th 2022

    Thanks for your critique Jackdraws!

    When I was doing my table of ellipses I had poor mechanical control when trying to draw the ellipses with my shoulder.

    However, this has drastically improved as I implemented it into my warmup.

    As requested I will redo the assignment,

    again thanks for the early critique :)

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