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    2:37 AM, Wednesday April 20th 2022

    Once again I totally appreciate your time and effort to evaluate my stuff. I hope all goes well for you, friend! Best wishes.

    5:43 AM, Tuesday April 19th 2022

    I'd be lying if I said that this didn't give me a whole lot of trouble the second time around. I think I might've taken too long of a break from Drawabox. Also big apologies for getting to this so late. Had some trouble focusing on the tasks but I did manage to attempt them. I really appreciate your critiques, by the way.

    7:32 AM, Friday December 24th 2021

    I appreciate you greatly. Thank you so much for your patience and I wish you all the best with these holidays and the next year, too. Hopefully things won't be as harsh as they have been so far with everything going on in the world. ?

    11:38 AM, Thursday December 23rd 2021

    I tried to do as you said for these three plant drawings, but I'm still fairly lacking in confidence. I appreciate your detailed response, by the way!

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