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    9:52 AM, Wednesday October 14th 2020


    There are frayings in the beginning of your superimposed lines but it eventually stops fraying as you go on so it's good. You manage to capture to essence of this exercise when you started to just smooth and confident lines even if you're not accurate. You miss a lot of point in ghosted lines. Try to rotate you paper and when you are comfortable draw your line. Some of them, specially the smaller one's, are wobbly it can be reasons like using your shoulder it tend to make our lines wobbly. Same happened in your planes, there are lines that are not connected but it's okey. Confidence over Accuracy.


    Ellipses in table has a lot of spaces between the 'boundaries' otherwise you draw them smooth and clean. Your funnels are excellent! The ellipses are aligned to the minor axis. Your ellipses in plane is good, some minor mistakes like not reaching the 1 out of the 4 corners, still good.


    So one page both in perspective, find the others if you can. Back to the topic, mistake in the center box of your plotted perspective, you have a ruler to straighten the line, try to avoid it. In rough perspective don't over do your lines. The rotated box does not rotate. You need to narrow your lines between boxes, try to make your end boxes to almost intersect to the minor axis. Remember the lesson about degrees. Your organic perspective need some work with your parallel lines and the lines itself.

    5:10 AM, Tuesday October 13th 2020

    That's good to hear good luck on you journey!

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    5:36 PM, Saturday October 10th 2020

    Hello I just finished my Lesson 1 and I am doing reviews about them. I'll can't review your work in 250 box challenge as I am only starting in it. I know the gist of the lessons but my critique will not be spectacular. I hope that it will help. If you have questions just DM me in

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    4:08 PM, Saturday October 10th 2020

    The fineliner is not great especially I can't see the lines.


    Superimposed lines is okey, fraying can be practice over time. The rest, I can barely see because of the pen but I glimpse that your plane, though not accurate is done confident, fast strokes which takes the heart of exercise.


    It's wobbly otherwise alright. Try to draw fast and to not aim for accuracy to avoid wobbly lines. Just try make is as smooth as possible.


    Rotation is one complicated exercise, try to make your box narrower in the end so the illusion of rotation is seen. The boxes in organic needs to be parallel, don't repeat a line, one stoke is enough even if it is way off from intended point.

    Next Steps:

    Apply what you learn in the previous lesson in 250 box challenge. The core of it is perspective and line. Good luck ????

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    3:46 PM, Saturday October 10th 2020

    Some of your works are good you have to improve


    They are great especially your superimposed but after that your lines become wobbly as seen in ghosting and planes.


    Same with the ellipses, they are wobbly. Try to strive in making your line straight or, they say, confident while using your shoulder. Don't repeat the lines of ellipses, twice or thrice is enough. This exercises aim to make your line smoother for the next lesson.


    The rotation is not applied in rotating boxes, especially when they get farther in the center. It is almost have the same VP. One tip in doing this exercise is to remember about the degree, once the box is further from the center, the degree will get narrower. It makes the illusion of rotation. Again, use your shoulder. Same with the organic, try to make your lines parallel.

    Next Steps:

    Makes your lines confident and smooth. Next lesson is about 250 box challenge, it will teach you about perspective. Applywhat you learned in boxes and lines. Good luck ????

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