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    10:03 PM, Wednesday August 3rd 2022

    thanks bro for your feedback but i dont understand

    in Superimposed Lines,

    I wouldn't recommend drawing everything from the same line

    i already done the 250 box


    1:12 AM, Thursday May 19th 2022


    hi bro can u please give me feedback

    11:07 PM, Saturday May 7th 2022

    but i just want to get ur opinion i am between two choices continuing with other lessons for my self not get overwhelmed because i am looking forward to reach to other drawing lessons like drawing every day objects as i do this for my mental health or repeat everything from the begining as u said as it will be my job in the future as concept artist

    i know u will said that there is 50% rule but drawbox also mention not to stuck at one exrecise do it once and return back to it and that what i was going to make i will return back

    10:46 PM, Saturday May 7th 2022

    i am glad that you are my mentor really appreciate that sir okay if this what u want i will do it no problem ur words really made my day i was late because i am in school and i didnt want to mention how hard my life but still really appreciate this hope all your wishes come true

    5:30 PM, Wednesday April 20th 2022
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    3:07 PM, Sunday August 29th 2021

    first congratulations on finish lesson 1 great job you do very well you do more than requested thats great there is nothing to say but last page of boxes need to put in warm up so make your way to 250 box

    Next Steps:

    try to watch how 250 box video make them to make it right

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    2:36 PM, Saturday August 28th 2021

    i want to thank you very much you cant imagine how the feedback make me feel her is https://imgur.com/a/QxN9edI 4 pages

    i have seen it 14 days ago but i finished aleardy 65 box then i will redraw rotated box and the last lesson

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