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    11:19 AM, Sunday July 25th 2021

    I'm glad to hear that my message helped and that you already had taken action before even reading it. That's great! If you want you could mix timed drawing with the exercises here. Drawing in the constructional way instructed in drawabox is hard to do fast but maybe try to keep it to about 25minutes. Again, if you'd like to do that. Other than that I wish you the best. :D

    11:07 AM, Sunday July 25th 2021

    Sorry for the late response. I got vaccinated and the side effects fricking kicked my butt.

    But wow! This is probably one of the most in depth and comprehensible critiques I've gotten (which is saying a lot honestly cause I've gotten some great critiques). So thank you for your time and effort.

    Regarding the sausages, I'm well aware of both those points and I most likely were while drawing them. I just think I lose control or stop thinking about it for a second and draw something else from what I intended. Then I try to be subtle about the contour lines since they're not supposed to be too foreshortened. But I end up doing the same curve over and over instead.

    Regarding the ant I totally agree. I never thought to use that technique in that way but I'm glad it was brought up now.

    About the legs I'm a bit confused though, because I feel like I always used sausages? The quality of those sausages vary immensely and that's again because of my poor line control and confidence. After looking over those great examples you gave and just hindsight in general I definitely could've done a lot more to clarify their construction. Whether that was through wrapped forms or adding balls to thicker portions like they do here . Is that what you meant or is there something else I'm missing?

    Lastly I agree with what you said about the line weight. I couldn't tell you what happened exactly but it I guess it doesn't matter too much.

    Again, thank you for your time and effort. It's greatly appreciated :)

    11:05 AM, Thursday June 24th 2021

    I think I understand now but I might still have a hard time applying it ( I guess you'll be the judge of that)

    The first one was suuuper exaggerated and I reeled it in a bit for the second one

    9:46 AM, Thursday June 24th 2021

    Thank you so much for your time, feedback and kind words! It was very thorough and well put together so it was well worth the wait. :D

    Even working on Lesson 4 I still have a hard time with the things you mentioned about the organic forms and contour lines. So that's something I'll work at for sure.

    And yeah. I think I understood textures better by the time I got to dissections and I understood the analysis phase better there, too. I think one of the things I struggle with still is definitely the transition between detailed in medium lighting to more simple in lighter and darker areas. I'm already doing the 25 texture challenge along side lesson 4 so hopefully my understanding gets better.

    Again; thank you and have a good one

    7:58 AM, Wednesday June 23rd 2021

    ah okay. This is not coming from a place of defensiveness. I'm not precious about these studies and I'm not trying to argue. I just want to have a good understanding of the feedback so I could better apply it in revisions. Because when I look at Uncomfortable's examples, his shadows are smaller than the ones I've done (with the exception of his cast shadow on the floor.)

    Link to his example homework:

    6:01 PM, Tuesday June 22nd 2021

    Thank you for your time, kind words and critique! I'll be sure to keep the intersections tip in mind. I recently also saw a imgur link going around the discord that is basically a "cheat sheet" with a bunch of examples of how different forms cut into eachother and it really helped my brain understand it a bit more.

    I'm confused about the organic intersections though since I do have a shadows underneath them. If there is anything unclear or anything I misunderstood then that's on me, of course.

    Have a good one and again thank you!

    7:54 AM, Tuesday June 22nd 2021

    That's weird, I can click it just fine. But I'll take your word for it ????. I've re uploaded it with a new link.

    7:40 AM, Monday June 21st 2021

    Thank you for this in-depth critique! Since I did this 2,5 months ago I feel a bit disconnected from it now but I definitely agree that line confidence is one of my biggest issues, then and now. Especially with circles. I feel like I have improved at least somewhat though, but I very much do appreciate the reminders you have given me of the basics of this course. Very valuable! :D

    Thank you for your time.

    8:04 AM, Saturday June 19th 2021

    Woaw, thank you for your time and making such a thorough critique. Your line tips seem really good and I'll try and be gentler with the line for sure, especially after doing a bunch of critiques where I said the same thing haha.

    I'm not sure I chicken scratched the branches? It's definitely possible. I'm very bad at this whole "drawing with the whole arm and shoulder" and while being in the zone I could've slipped into old habits. But I try to stay vary of it. I do the branches as instructed (to the best of my ability), with a line of action to begin with, then the circles and then I try to connect them by drawing a line through 1,5 of a section at a time. But I usually draw the circles way too big and also miss them by far. I'll probably do a bunch more warm up branches with the goal of moving my entire arm and shoulder.

    Also yeah, when I have a bunch of other online courses lined up to teach me the fundamentals I feel I lack in (basically all of them) and in fact Marshall's perspective course was the one I was thinking about doing after this one. That or Nick Kennedys "Practical Perspective" course. Both seem good and are highly reviewed though so it probably doesn't matter. On the subject shadows I'm thinking of studying James Gourneys "Colour and light" book which will most probably cover that subject.

    Again thank you for your time and advice. It's greatly appreciated. Have a good day!

    7:26 AM, Saturday June 19th 2021

    Heck yeah! You're welcome!

    If you have time and want, it'd be super great if you could critique my homework for lesson 2 or 3. If not that's totally fine, I won't mind.

    Good luck with your future goals. Have a great day as well! :D

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